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Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Second ferris wheel ride this month!

After a late breakfast on Sunday, we walked over to a big park where Ruth was looking for an old mausoleum that she had read about. Along the way, we came across an amusement park with a ferris wheel.

We always like a ride in a ferris wheel, especially when the price is reasonable! 

This is the second time this month we were on a ferris wheel! The first was that world record ferris wheel in Turkmenistan

We could see from a distance that the ferris wheel was moving.

There were quite a few other rides operating as well. Not very busy yet though, perhaps it would be busier later in the afternoon, or maybe on Sunday. 

We asked how much for the ferris wheel. 15,000 SOM ($1.25 USD, $1.70 CAD), and of course at that price we were sold!

Heading up!

View near the top.

The city of Bukhara.
Hey, there's the mausoleum Ruth was looking for!

On the way back down.

Hazy skies with a forecast high of 29C (84F). Nice and warm!

This pool is normally filled with water and the photo would have looked much better that way.

Built in the 9th century, and apparently the oldest structure in Bukhara.

 It is the oldest surviving monument of Islamic architecture in Central Asia.

Wandering around the park, we saw some people carrying shopping bags so we headed in the direction they came from and found the Saturday market.

The egg lady!

We thought that 45,000 SOM ($3.70 USD, $5.10 CAD) for 30 eggs seemed expensive considering the local economy, but I guess that's the going rate. We haven't really had to do any grocery shopping, so we haven't really checked out prices in that regard. For perspective that's about $1.50 USD, $2.00 CAD per dozen.

You can buy just about anything at the Saturday market!

Fancy material.

The food court.

Yet another old mosque.

Zoomed in on the ceiling.

It is definitely impressive.

Zoomed in.

Back at our room, we relaxed for a couple of hours and then headed out to one more attraction before looking for somewhere to have dinner. Ruth wanted to see the Chor Minor gatehouse, built in 1807.

It was a bit tough to find in the dark, and most of the little alleyways are unlit. We feel totally safe here, but are more worried about stubbing your toe, or tripping on something. Uzbekistan is like Mexico in that regard... you are responsible for where you put your feet. 

We found it!

I mentioned the other day that we're getting a bit tired of the tourist restaurants. But it's difficult to find the places where the locals go because none of them are marked on google maps. Of course it's the tourists who would mostly use the reviews on google maps, so tourist restaurants are generally what shows up in this area.

But, we came across a little hole in the wall cafe. Outside the entrance door, they had a rough looking menu board with photos and descriptions in Russian only. No English, which is a good sign. Walking in, the place looked a little run down, but we decided to go for it.

There were about six or seven tables. No other women about, and one table with three men sharing a bottle of vodka. But a guy came over with a couple of menus. Only Russian, which is fine. Google translate didn't work very well. The descriptions were kind of funny. I remember one translated to "smokey meat" or something like that.

Anyhow, we ordered based on what we could see in the photos. I remember having to do that in South Korea back in 2014.

We finally saw a woman. Must be a husband and wife operation. He is the waiter and she is the head chef!

Chicken and veggies.

Ruth had meat and potatoes.

I gave Ruth some of my chicken, and she gave me some potatoes. Ruth had a tea, and I had a bottle of water. Total bill for the two of us including the 10% service charge was 100,000 SOM ($8.20 USD, $11.30 CAD)/

This was definitely more the type of place we've been looking for, so will have to keep our eyes out for more of this type of "cafe".

Next up... the train ride to Samarkand.

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