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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Shkodra, Albania.

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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Made it to Nova Scotia!

Well, we are now here at our daughter Lindsey's place in Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley with her husband Justin, and our grandkids Cameron and Sadie. And of course Chester the dog.

We were up at 5:30am Tuesday morning in order to get to the Ottawa Airport for our 8:30am flight.

On Monday, Ruth had gone for a bike ride with her brother. He's retired from a career as a machinist, but he works part time as a bicycle technician at an upscale bike shop in Ottawa. so he has all the latest gear...

Ruth had fun riding the electric bike.

At the airport early Tuesday morning.

We had booked our flights on Flair Airlines, one of the newer Canadian discount carriers. We had never flown with Flair before, but while the company doesn't have a great reputation, it does have cheap prices. We paid $110 CAD ($80 USD) each for the one and a half hour flight from Ottawa to Halifax.

Ottawa to Halifax.

View out the window approaching Halifax.

Flair Airlines has had quite a few complaints, but we didn't have any problem with them. The plane departed on time, and arrived early. And the staff were cheerful and friendly. 

Then we had a car rental booked at the airport Budget location, and we were in and out of there in less than five minutes. Really fast!

So we're driving a 2023 Chevy Malibu with all the toys. Not cheap though, at $60 CAD ($44 USD) a day for 11 days.

Scenery along the way.

White cliffs?

On the road in Nova Scotia.

An hour later we pulled into Lindsey and Justin's place. They were both at work and the kids were at school, but Chester the dog was happy to see us!

Chester and Ruth.


Nice to see Cameron and Sadie again! Of course it wasn't that long ago that we put Cameron on the plane in Frankfurt, but we haven't seen Sadie since she was in Morocco with us in March.

What with the others being at work and school, Ruth and I will be pretty much on our own with Chester during the week. Lots of exploring to be done, so we'll be sure to get out and see some of the local attractions.

Great deal on this Coleman Screened Canopy Tent.

And in Canada...


  1. Things have improved over the years and reservations are one of them. With a good phone you can do just about anything even if its the last minute. No more paper copies and documents, they're all in the phone in a doc file. Ruth, you look fantastic. Maybe Cameron can give us a couple of his funny faces over the time you're there.

    1. Yes, things have really improved with all the new technology that is out there now and that does make it a lot easier. We can't say no more paper copies though because we have had a few airlines or airports that still request a paper copy, the Tirana airport in Albania was one and our Turkmenistan Airlines is another, they do everything old school.

      Cameron always loves to make goofy faces, so I am sure you will see more funny faces.


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