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Sunday, October 29, 2023

Last day in Khiva, Uzbekistan

On Thursday, our last day in Khiva, we returned to the old city to see some of the things we hadn't seen the day before. There's a reason that your entrance pass is good for two days... there is a lot to see.

Once again, a decent enough day with some sunshine and a little cooler high of 19C (66F).

We had a big breakfast again at the guesthouse, and lounged around for the morning. Still getting caught up on computer stuff! It was almost 1:00pm by the time we made it back to the old town.

We've lost track of what the names are of some of these locations!

Click the photo to make it full size, then click again to zoom in.
Such detailed painting!

Some kind of old body armor suit.

They had advertised a "wall walk" of some kind, but we think they've discontinued that. You can still get up to a viewpoint on the wall, but that's about it...

Itchan Kala skyline.

We had wanted to walk over to this ferris wheel, but never made it.
We also never saw it moving, so it might have been pointless anyhow.

The top of the wall, with a big Uzbekistan flag in the distance.

We spotted this old overland rig with German license plates.

Many people say "hello" to us, but that is the only English they know.
Then they want their picture taken with us!

Another couple getting fancy photos done.

Beautiful dress.

Lots of people around for their photo shoot!

More spectacular tile work.

And yet another museum of some kind.

And yet another couple getting their fancy photos done.

We saved the highlight to the end... the Juma Mosque. Originally built in the 10th century, the Juma Mosque was fully rebuilt in 1788. Although it's undergoing another rebuild now. I can't find any information about the current restoration, but you can tell that the wooden roof had been recently replaced.

It is a large one-story brick building with a flat roof, supported by 212 wooden columns in 17 rows. 

More intricate carvings.

We went for a late lunch outside the old city away from the tourist area. We only had a bowl of soup, since our hosts were making us dinner again and we knew it would be too much food!

At our soup restaurant.

Yep. More fancy photo shoots!

Back outside the wall, and heading home.

A funeral passed by. That's quite the hearse!

Dinner, back at the guest house. Traditional plov with a big salad.
This time, Hilola went out and got us a bottle of wine and two beers!

Total cost of the meal with the drinks was 200,000 SOM ($16.40 USD, $22.60 CAD).

We spent some time downstairs with the family. Not sure where the men were. We had met Hilola's husband when we arrived, and have heard male voices downstairs at times, but the men weren't around when we took this photo...

Durdona, Ollanazar, Ruth, Rano, Xadicha, Gulirano, Hilola.

What a great family, and such good hosts. If you want a local family experience in Khiva, we have no problem recommending them Guest House Art Postidoz.

Next up... a long ride through the desert to Bukhara!


And in Canada...


  1. I guess the Stans are the places to go! Great pictures and the food looks delicious!

    1. They are definitely interesting counties to visit, at least so far. We are certainly enjoying our time here and we think that it is only going to get better.

      The food at our guesthouse in Khiva was definitely delicious but other than that ithe food in Uzbekistan has only been just ok. The veggies seem to get over cooked and the food in general has been pretty greasy, even though the food isn't deep fried. We will see if it improves as we travel further on. Now the food in Turkmenistan was totally delicious, I don't think we had a bad meal there.


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