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Thursday, October 5, 2023

Day trip into Halifax with granddaughter Sadie

We're a little off schedule with our regular early morning blog postings. But we're spending time visiting, so we'll post when we can!

Yesterday, we took Chester for a nice long walk in the morning. We did about 6.5 kms (4 miles).

On the multi use trail near our daughter Lindsey's house...

Ruth and Chester.

A tidal river flows through this area.

We saw this grass snake.

In the afternoon, we took Sadie to the cross country running event for their local public schools. She participated in the grade 5 girls event. 

Lots of kids!

On your mark...get set...


Hard to pick Sadie out of the crowd, but let's just say she's not out front! In fact, I don't even think she's in the bottom photo. She said she was "conserving her energy"...lol.

We didn't get to spend time with Sadie on her birthday at the end of August, so today was Sadie Day. She decided she wanted to go to the Discovery Centre in downtown Halifax, so today was just Sadie with Grandma and Grandpa. We drove the one hour and ten minutes each way into downtown Halifax.

The Discovery Centre is an interactive science centre. It's geared towards kids 10 and under (Sadie just turned 10) but now that we've done it I think it's better for kids 5-12. Cameron is now 12 and there was definitely some stuff that he would enjoy. And, we saw kids younger than five who to me seemed a bit too young.

She brought a game to keep herself occupied in the car.

Fun mural!

Sadie wanted her photo with the mural.

She loves having her photo taken!

Sadie with the sheep.

Grandpa helping Sadie build a dam.

Lots of hands on interactive stuff.

This was very cool. A robotic car programming kit.

I found it on Amazon... not cheap, but as I said... very cool...

Sadie and Ruth playing with the floating balls.

That was a fun game!

Sadie, flying the flight simulator.

Looking out the window on the top floor, there are two cruise ships in town.

Ruth having fun in the bubble making room.

Sadie, blowing a huge bubble!

Me, looking at the skeleton mimicking my movements.

We actually ran out of time. The parking situation was a bit frustrating because the street parking needs to be paid in advance so you have to guess how long you're going to be there... at $3.75 CAD ($2.75 USD) an hour. Four hours would have been better. The whole place was actually better than we were expecting. Great fun for inquisitive young minds.

On the way home, we stopped in a park for a late picnic lunch...


And in Canada...

Record low deal on this 55" Smart TV.


  1. How fun! I've always wanted to use a flight simulator. It looks like Sadie had a blast.

    1. She had a lots of fun at the Discovery Centre and Sadie thought she learned more there than spending a day at school.

      It wasn't a full blown flight simulator but it was still fun, it would have been better if they gave you instructions on how to use the different buttons/switches, that way we wouldn't have kept crashing, lol!

  2. What a great place for kids and adults too! A memorable birthday with Gramma and Grampa😊

    1. We think that Sadie was just at the right age for the Discovery Centre. there was lots there to keep the children occuppied without it being too overwhelming for them. We had a great day with Sadie. :-)


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