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Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Into the province of Quebec

Our friend Kim is house sitting across the river near Wakefield, Quebec and she invited us over there for a hike and a meal. 

So we hopped in the car around noon, and it  took exactly an hour to do the 57 km (35 mile) drive. The route is fairly direct, but we have to drive right through the center of the city of Ottawa, so it's a bit slow going.

Beautiful day though... high of about 23C (73F) with mostly sunny skies. September through until about mid October really is the best time of year to be in this part of the world.

We parked near the Wakefield Mill and they had this cheesy tourist sign.

The La Peche River.

Kevin, Ruth, and Kim.

We hiked up the opposite side of the Vorlage Ski Hill.

On the trail.

After that hike, we drove to the place where she is housesitting. Really rural, with a big private property, and Robbie the dog. We walked down to a small lake that borders the property...

Robbie and Sullivan Lake.

Quebec is a very French province, but you'll notice that the names "Wakefield" and "Sullivan Lake" are very English. That's because the town was found in the 1800's by English and Irish immigrants and still has a very English population. 

Ruth and Kim.

Sullivan Lake.

Today is looking pretty overcast this morning, and they're calling for rain this afternoon. 

I notice that our new cell phone has shipped (from Hong Kong!) and is expected to arrive on Friday.

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  1. What a lovely spot! And despite the cheesy sign, a cute pic of you two!

    1. It is a pretty spot but there are actually even better hikes in the Gatineau Park. Hopefully we will get out for another hike up in the park, especially if the leaves start to change before we leave the area.

  2. Your older post button doesn't work (at least two days)

    1. It's working fine. Just close out the ad, and you'll be brought to the next oldest post.


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