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Saturday, September 16, 2023

Our new smartphone arrived!

Well, our new smartphone showed up at just after 10:00am, right on schedule. Ordered on Monday morning, and arrived at the house on Friday morning. All the way from Hong Kong. Quite amazing, really.

But, that really didn't give me any time to get it set up and play with it. We were on our way to visit our son, and had to leave just after 11:00am. I unpacked the box and put it on the charger for a half an hour, but I figured I might as well leave it behind because it's probably going to take a few hours to get it properly set up!

Fancy box!

Obviously I'll do a more detailed post once I get it all figured out!

In Canada, I ordered it online from a company called MI4 Canada. While their communication wasn't fantastic, everything happened exactly the way it was supposed to.

Anyhow, we'll get back to that after the weekend is over.

We had a long drive to do...

379 kms (235 miles).

We left at about 11:15am, and stopped for lunch at a Subway in Renfrew. Can't remember the last time we paid for a meal at a Subway, but all we bought were two 6" subs (Ruth's with gluten free bread) and the bill was $18.28 CAD ($13.50 USD). No drinks or snacks. We'll pack a lunch next time.

Then we stopped again in Bancroft just so I could shut my eyes and rest for half an hour. 

Ruth went for a stroll while I was napping...

Murals in Bancroft, Ontario.

Lake at Haliburton, Ontario.

We had arranged to meet our son Alex and his girlfriend CJ at El Pueblito Restaurant in Bracebridge, Ontario. I had read the reviews and looked at the menu, and it looked pretty authentic. When the hostess greeted us in Spanish, I knew we were at the right place!

Ruth, enjoying a little bit of Mexico!

I was really looking forward to a big plate of chicken enchiladas con salsa verde.
It was delicious!

Ruth got the birria tacos, also delicious!

Alex also had enchiladas, but with the roja salsa. And CJ had a big quesadilla. Alex and CJ had a gift certificate for the place, and we offered to pick up the balance, but Alex paid it so I don't know what the total was. The food may have been Mexican, but the prices were decidedly Canadian! Really delicious food though. If you want a real taste of Mexico, this is the place.

Back to their place in the evening, and we enjoyed watching the Blue Jays beat the Red Sox.

Lucy the dog with our son Alex.

It looks like another gorgeous fall day today, before the forecast rain moves into the area tomorrow. We're going to get out and enjoy it though. We've already been out for a morning walk, and we're doing a hike this afternoon. Then to CJ's parents lake house for overnight.

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And in Canada...


  1. What is the web address for M14

  2. How fun .... I grew up in Orillia. It's not often I hear the words Bracebridge or Gravenhurst. (now I live near Tucson Arizona)

    1. Well if you are living in Tucson, Arizona it's no wonder that you don't hear about those places very often.

      The Muskoka area really is a beautiful part of Ontario.

  3. Wow Ruth! Just in time for 16 de Septiembre! Viva Mexico!

    1. Lol, yep it was almost perfect timing for Mexico's Independence Day. Viva Mexico!

  4. Back button still broken. I can't go back a read Ruth's great answers. I don't do facebook.

    1. Back button working perfectly for us. Things you can try... If an ad is coming up, just click the little "x" in the corner of the ad, and it will close, bringing you to the previous post. Alternately, go to the home page and click the post of your choice, or use the archives on the side bar.


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