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Friday, September 15, 2023

Road trip!

When I ordered our new phone on Monday morning, it was scheduled to arrive at our door on Friday the 15th. Today. And, it looks like it will.

But while it takes two days to go from Hong Kong to Cincinnati to Montreal to Ottawa, it turns out that it also takes two days to go from the Ottawa distribution center to the house!

Part of that is my fault though. The original schedule said that it would arrive today, but we had no idea what time today. And we are heading out on a roadtrip and we'll be gone by 11:00am. So I went to the DHL online site and changed the delivery address to a nearby pickup  point so we could pick it up on Monday. 

Then it turned out they attempted delivery yesterday. But the notification came back saying "wrong address, consignee has moved".

So I tried to phone them, and finally got through to a live person. Amazing! He said that there was a new guy on the route and he messed up. Fair enough, that stuff happens. He said the package was headed back to the distribution center. 

We had to go out late afternoon so decided to drive over to the distribution center to see if we could pick it up there. The driver hadn't arrived back yet, but the girl there was really nice and helpful and made arrangements for the package to be delivered here at the house before 11:00am today. She even gave me her personal number and said "I don't start until noon, but if that package hasn't arrived by 10:00am, call me and I'll call my supervisor and we'll get it done!"

So, that's definitely going above and beyond. Good for her.

We're headed out to visit our son Alex and his girlfriend CJ, and their dog Lucy. They live in Gravenhurst, Ontario... north of Toronto. About a four and a half hour drive from here. We're meeting them for dinner at a Mexican restaurant! I checked out the reviews and the menu, and it looks very authentic. We're looking forward to some Mexican food!

Nice price drop on this Cuisinart Portable Gas Grill.

And in Canada...

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