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Thursday, December 30, 2021

Remember the package we were waiting for?

Just thought I would give you an update, just because it's so ridiculous.

To give you some background, we were in Albania when we decided to order a motorhome water filter from Germany. Prior to ordering, the company said that it would take "6-8 days, although likely sooner than that" to ship it to Albania. Their exact words. So based on that, we ordered it on November 24th, prepared to wait around for 8 days.

Of course it never showed up, and we got tired of waiting. 

Well it still hasn't shown up. The last time the tracking was updated was December 13th when it said that it had arrived in Albania and was awaiting customs clearance.

The company hasn't been helpful at all. They have told me that they will refund, but only when the package is returned to them. They say all I can do is wait. They contacted DHL, and were told that it can take up to 21 days to clear customs. Of course if they would have told me the correct information in the first place, I never would have ordered it.

What a joke. Of course at this rate maybe it will be waiting for us in Albania when we return in April!

Yesterday morning turned out better than expected and we got out for our 5 km (3 mile) power walk, as well as a bike ride right after that.

Out for our 5 km (3 mile) power walk.

Waves coming in.

We decided to get out for a bike ride right after our walk. Might as well keep the blood flowing! There is an odd "castle" just down the road, and then another beach we wanted to check out further on.

There's not much to the waterfront village of Agrilos. I'm sure it's a much busier spot during the summer, but at this time of year it's pretty quiet.

We thought the village Christmas decoration were kind of funny.
Are they reindeer? Or sheep?

Little church in the square. 
I guess that's where Santa is headed!

There's not a great beach here.

The fairly tale castle.

It's even marked on Google Maps as a tourist attraction, but there's really not that much to see. Apparently built by an architect many years ago, it was originally a hotel but was closed about 20 years ago due to an unstable foundation. It's kind of falling apart now, although someone has touched up the pink paint recently to keep it looking good, for whatever reason. It is good from far, but far from good!

Notice that the horse in behind the statues has lost his head.

Me, standing on the "drawbridge".

You can't go inside.

We then continued down the road a few kms to Stomio Beach.

Waves crashing on the rocks.

This beach must get busy during the summer. There is (was!) a sort of a beach bar set up there with go huts and beach chairs, but some kind of storm must have rolled through and damaged everything.

This will take some work to fix up!

Kind of strange because these beach lounge chairs were all the way at the back as if they had been pushed back by waves, yet most were still standing up. 
And absolutely nobody around.

There was this odd little chapel built into the erosion.

The main road is very quiet, lined with olive trees on both sides.

Today, we are moving on. Not very far though! Only to the next town, where they have a community service office where we are going to try to register for the booster shot. Also, we have been told of a really good Greek taverna where they do a delicious meal, but they are only open evenings so we may go there and see if they have somewhere suitable for us to park overnight.


And in Canada...

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