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Saturday, December 4, 2021

Out for a hike, and shipping update

At 12:30pm I got an notification update regarding our package. It has only now left Germany! So it took a full week to get from the supplier to the airport. Well at least it's not lost. The last update actually says NOTE: As soon as the shipment arrives in the destination country/destination area, you will receive updated information in the detailed tracking history.

So you would think that we should receive another update today. But who knows. It is what it is and we'll just have to wait it out. 

And it doesn't really matter because we haven't heard back from the dentist yet either which is kind of surprising. But while we're waiting for one, we might as well wait for the other!

We had an early morning rainbow.

Max and the rainbow.

It rained again yesterday morning, but it cleared up enough in the afternoon that we felt comfortable heading out for a hike without the fear of getting soaked. We headed up the hill in behind the campground. We hadn't gone that way before, and ended up doing 6.5 kms (4 miles) so it was a decent walk.

The hills are covered with olive trees.

Looking back at Mount Tomorr.

And the city of Berat.

Another view.

Our path was a little muddy from all the rain.

It's supposed to be a little nicer today, and we're thinking of moving back to the parking lot in town just for a change of scenery. It would be half the price so we would save a whole €5 ($7.25 CAD, $5.75 USD) per night, but then we would also be using our own internet and propane. So we wouldn't really be saving that much, it would just be a change of scenery. 

I think we'll go do that for two or three nights. We'd be be able to do an evening walk to see the Christmas lights they've got set up now as well as do a bigger grocery shop. Then hopefully by Tuesday the package will have arrived and the dental stuff will be done and we can come back here and do one more night to top up the batteries and then head to Greece on Wednesday. That's the current plan!!!

Nice price drop on the popular Shark VacMop Pro.

And in Canada...


  1. There are delivery issues everywhere. It has taken 10 days for my sister to get a package from Calgary to Oliver, BC. Now she has to go to Kelowna to pick it up!

    1. I wonder if the delay in shipping to your sister was affected by road closures due to the flooding a couple of weeks ago and all the issues that they are having to deal with in that area?

    2. The delivery company said it had to do with the lack of drivers.

    3. I guess that would do it too!

  2. Here is an example of my delay of getting Tylenol from WalMart. Nov 27: Dispatched from Georgia. Nov 28: Sent to Fort Worth Texas. Nov 29: Sent back to Georgia. Nov 30: Sent to Kentucky where it sat for 3 days then sent back to Texas. Dec 2: Sent to Tennessee. Dec 3: Sent to Ohio staging. Dec 4: Sent to local area and placed on the delivery truck for delivery today.

    1. Wow, that is crazy! Now we don't feel so bad about our delivery. I bet you really needed that bottle of Tylenol when it finally got delivered to you after having to put up with that, lol!

  3. I have a parcel floating around in the ether too. If it comes, it comes. We are getting our first good snow back here in the Ottawa Valley this weekend!

    1. It makes us feel a bit better about our delivery now! I hope you get your parcel soon.

      Yep, we had noticed the snow coming your way when we checked the forecast for that area. We do that quite regularly to see what our families are experiencing. Our daughter bought family ski passes for Mount Pakenham and she mentioned that the ski slopes there opened up yesterday for skiing on Saturday's and Sunday's for the moment. Sounds like winter has started there!


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