Scenery at the town of Uelzen, Germany .
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Hamburg, Germany.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? North to Denmark!

Saturday, December 18, 2021

On a mission to get further south

When I was planning our drive yesterday and looking for somewhere to overnight, there weren't a lot of interesting looking options. It turns out that's because there really isn't a lot of interesting looking things to see along that stretch. 

And, we were trying to get further south anyhow. There is a bit of cold weather heading through this area the next couple of days and so we are skipping by this area in favor of a little more warmth.

Here is some scenery along the way...

Lake Smokovo.

Lake Smokovo was actually kind of pretty, but we had made a mistake and got onto a section of toll road and it would not have been easy to get off and backtrack. Again, we were on a mission to get further south anyhow.

The toll road was in beautiful condition, with hardly any traffic.

For a 28 km (17 mile) section, it cost €4.30 ($6.25 CAD, $4.85 USD) for Max. 

We did one mountain pass that offered some nice views. 
In fact we could have overnighted up there but with the altitude it was about 5 degrees cooler!

A funny stick bug praying mantis type insect.

I found a turn off beside the river on the old road at the Asopos River Gorge and we decided to stay there for the night. It felt kind of odd parking right on the road, but you'll understand when you see the photo...

Max, parked for the night at GPS 38.789495, 22.442764

The old bridge is washed out, so where we are parked is essentially a dead end.
There would not be any traffic!

The Asopos River Gorge was the site of an allied mission against the Nazis in 1941. Here's a photo I found online...

The exact same spot where we are parked, in 1941.
That is the same bridge that is washed away now.

Yesterday's drive, 131 kms (81 miles).

Today it is overcast and spitting with rain so we are going to continue driving. If it were a nicer day, we would stop at the Delphi ruins, but we will do that another time. Might make it to the Peloponnese region and then we will slow down again.

Nice price drop on these Timber Ridge Camp Chairs.

And in Canada...


  1. Road tolls seen steep. Must be doubling your travel costs.

    1. Yes, toll roads are expensive in Greece. They have not been doubling our traveling costs because we haven't been using them much.

    2. I think it's cheaper than the 407!

    3. Yes Karen, this is definitely way cheaper then the 407! We took it once and vowed never to do that again, the price was ridiculous and that was years ago,

  2. Been so sbusy have not checked in with you guys lately. Greece ison of my favourite countries, Been there twice, in the 70s and 3 years ago when we were there for 3 months. If you want to get rid of Ruth, I hope you are aware of the northern pennisular where women are not allowed. Paradise. Just came home to canada for chistmas. Too cold

    1. Yes, we remember you being here three years ago. Greece is nice and we are enjoying ourselves but it is more expensive than we were expecting it to be. Mexico is still by far our favourite country and we are missing it very much right now, especially with it's warm weather. I think that Albania is probably our second favourite.

      I don't think Kevin has any intentions of getting rid of me because he would miss my cooking! :-)

      Enjoy Christmas in the cold!

  3. You are running out of land to go much further south. I hope you are finding it warmer.

    1. You are very right there, Garth! We were actually thinking of heading to Crete but the weather really isn't much warmer there than it is in the Peloponnese. We are thinking we will tour around the Peloponnese peninsula for a while and then head to Turkey where things are cheaper.

      We sure are missing Mexico right now!


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