Ruth and Max enjoying a beautiful rainbow at the Natyra e Qete Restaurant & Camping near Berat, Albania.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Berat, Albania.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? South towards Greece.

Friday, October 15, 2021

Starting our 15th year with Slovenia... country #46.

It was 14 years ago today that we set off with our new to us motorhome Sherman. It was also 14 years ago today that we published our very first blog post as we hit the road. You can read that very first blog post here...

We started writing this blog as a way for family and friends to know where we are and what we're doing. As time went on, it also became a valuable daily diary for us... we often look back at something to confirm a fact or a memory. We had no idea at the time that it would attract over 2,000 readers a day and that it would also contribute to our ability to continue traveling.

And so here we are, 4,905 blog posts later, starting our 15th year, with country #46... Slovenia.

Before we left Austria yesterday, we had one more photo matching project to complete. On his 1954 trip, my dad had taken one photo at Austria's Lake Faak... so we made our way over there to try to find the location of this photo...



Unfortunately the lighting wasn't right, which probably has to do with the time of year. His photo was taken in July, and by October the sun only shines on the mountain in the early morning. Also, we couldn't access many of the properties on this part of the lakeshore that are now private homes and cottages. We actually needed to be another couple of hundred meters to the left.

We have quite a few more photos from those 1954 and 1957 trips, but the rest of the Austrian ones are all around Innsbruck area. There are also quite a few more from Germany, Spain, and Portugal but of course those will have to wait until we return to those countries. There are none south of Austria, so our photo matching project is on hold for now.

With that done, we headed into Slovenia. Our goal was to get to Lake Bled. The main highway to Lake Bled and then the capital city of Ljubljana (pronounced lyoo-BLYAH-nuh) goes through a mountain tunnel toll. The only other logical option is a narrow mountain road warning of 18% slopes!

What's life without a little adventure... we chose the narrow mountain road.

Normally a steep slope would be 10% or 12%. I don't think I've ever driven a hill that is 18%. 

Max handled it like a champ, doing the whole thing in second gear. No problem. At the top, was the border crossing...

Crossing the border. The Slovenia sign is covered with stickers.

The road was fairly flat for a while.

But then of course we had to go downhill... also an 18% slope.

We did most of the downhill also in second gear, but there was one section I did in first gear. Good thing there was nobody behind me because we were going pretty slow in order to go easy on the brakes.

Near the bottom of the hill was a roadside pull off with views of the most beautiful valley.

The village of Podkoren, Slovenia.

Gorgeous mountains.


Looking at these views, is it surprising that we got sidetracked? Lake Bled can wait another day!

I checked online to try and find somewhere suitable to stay. It turns out that a nearby ski area has six RV parking spots with electric for €12 ($17.20 CAD, $14 USD) per night.


We arrived there and only one spot was taken...

Max, parked up at GPS 46.477858, 13.725004

It turns out this is a world renowned ski jumping area with a huge modern training center...

This is just around the corner from where we are parked.

It was a little chilly, with a high of only 10C (50F), but with sunny skies and some nice bike paths we decided to take the bikes for a ride into the ski resort town of Kranjska Gora.


This is not a road... it's a bike path!

Ruth, at the water fountain in Kranjska Gora.

Scenery around town.

Clear mountain water.

The village of Podkoren.

Entrance to the ski jumping area where Max is parked.

Looking back at where we came from.

We did 15 kms (9.3 miles), and half of that was uphill all the way! We don't feel we're ready for electric bikes yet, but that uphill climb was a workout!

Woke up to sunshine and blue sky today. We're going to make a stop at a bike shop in town to see if they can look at Ruth's brakes. They were closed when we were there yesterday. Then, providing we don't get sidetracked again, we are off to Lake Bled.

Yesterday's drive.
We are right at the corner of where the Austria, Slovenia, and Italy borders meet.

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And in Canada...


  1. Beautiful scenery and fabulous pictures, as usual ! Happy 14th Nomad-anniversary ! Wishing you many more to come, as they say! Country #46 Slovenia looks amazing ! Glad to be able to follow your journeys! Enjoy!

    1. The scenery is so stunningly beautiful, what a gorgeous place to spend our 14th "Nomadiversary" We are happy to have you tagging along on this adventure with us. :-)

  2. What a wonderful area, eye candy, lol. As for ebikes, we bought 2 this spring. Living in the north shuswap area of BC they are required at our age( same as you two). We still huff and puff and get a workout but we would never ride here without some pedal assist.

    1. The scenery is fantastic, we feel like we are in heaven here, definitely our kind of place.

      We are glad that you are enjoying your ebikes, they certainly would make things easier when you are in a hilly/mountainous area and also help you go even further afield. For now we will keep using our regular bikes for as long as we can but I expect that one day we will find that we need the assistance of an ebike.

  3. Oh my gosh, amazingly gorgeous!! I would stop too! Slovania has always been on my list to visit. Now I'll get to experience through your journey and get ideas for when we finally make it over there. Enjoy!

    1. It really is spectacular here! We are really loving this scenery. I hope that we will be able to give you some great ideas for when it is your turn to visit Slovenia. :-)

  4. How stunning is that scenery!? Just beautiful! I am seriously thinking of an e-bike next year. I can still ride without it but am much slower than my husband (and a lot slower than I was in my 40s and even 50s). With an e-bike I just might be able to ride with him again!

    1. Isn't it though?! This is the type of scenery that we just love. :-)

      I am also slower than Kevin and I definitely have to work hard at keeping up with him but for now I will just keep plugging away on this bike for as long as I can before turning to an ebike.

  5. Glad you are enjoying Slovenia. Very familiar to T.C. and me, as we went down on average three times a year when we lived in Austria. You'll love Lake Bled. This time of year it might not be too terribly crowded. It can be a bit touristy. Have fun!

    1. We really are loving it here and we can definitely see ourselves returning again when the weather is a little warmer so that we can do some of the beautiful mountain hikes.

      You are correct, we do love Lake Bled, especially at this time of year, there are definitely less tourists. We can only imagine what it would be like in a normal year and in the height of summer. We envy you having been able to have made so many trips to Slovenia when you were living in Austria.

  6. Love Slovenia. After beautiful Bled, make your way a bit east to the Logarska Dolina valley and Robanov Kot—truly beautiful scenery, good walking, friendly people. I would love to visit there again.

    1. I am not sure exactly what route we are going to be taking through Slovenia so we aren't sure if we will make it to these places on this visit but I have added them to my list of places to visit in Slovenia. If we don't see these places this time we will try to make it on our next visit. Unfortunately we don't have lots of time as we have to leave the Schengen Zone by Oct. 26th. We are really enjoying the country though! :-)

  7. Congratulations on 14 years, many countries and adventures! The pictures are beautiful, especially the comparison with your dads.

    1. Thank you very much Barb. We are looking forward to seeing what adventures lie ahead of us.

      Glad you enjoyed the pictures, we have been having fun trying to find the spots where Kevin's father stood to get his pictures and then for us to try to duplicate them. :-)


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