Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? South towards Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Oktoberfest? Maybe next year...

We got on the road at around 9:00am. Not as far of a drive today... only 178 kms (110 miles) to get to the meeting point where friends Glen and Steve were waiting for us.

Our route would take us around the east side of Munich. What a shame to be this close to Munich in October and not go to Oktoberfest celebrations.

But, Oktoberfest was cancelled anyway this year due to Covid. 

Oktoberfest always ends on the first Sunday in October. And it actually begins in mid September... so we would have missed it anyhow. Maybe next year!

We saw a lot of hops fields.

A different design for a highway bridge.

Ruth caught this photo just as we passed underneath.

Unfortunately the hops have been recently harvested.

Scenery along the way.

It turns out this is a kitchen supplies manufacturer.
Has nothing to do with beer, which is of course "bier" in German.

A May pole.
We've seen quite a few of these.

We hadn't done a proper grocery shop since we arrived, so we stopped in at a Netto store along the way and got well stocked up on food and booze. Max's cupboards and fridge were pretty much empty!

The cart is getting full!
Yes, all of the fruits and veggies are at the bottom!

We also stopped and filled the fuel tank which was actually kind of dumb! Fuel is quite a lot cheaper in Austria, and I just wasn't thinking. 

Made it!
Max, parked up with Louis, and another unknown rig.

So we had a great reunion with Glen and Steve. 

This is the couple who originally got us started on the motorhome lifestyle to begin with, back in 2007. We have met up with them a few times over the years... Mexico in 2009, in England in 2012, and in Portugal in 2017.

They are also heading to Turkey, but they are taking a different route, and are on a different schedule. Glad to be able to spend some time with them now, and hopefully we'll bump into each other again in January.

Unfortunately, the weather isn't cooperating. It's overcast and drizzling with a high about 15C (60F).

Our long driving days are over though! We are only 80 kms (50 miles) from Salzburg, Austria and we are headed in that direction. The mountains are calling us! Actually, maybe it's the hills. They are alive by the way... with the sound of music.


And in Canada...


  1. And just like that, you are back on the road! 💕

  2. Highly recommend Berchtesgaden since you are in the neighborhood!

    1. We would love to explore that area and it is one our list to visit but I think we are going to give it a miss this time around as the weather is miserable and we would miss all the beautiful scenery there and the hiking paths will we wet, muddy and slippery. We are going to go into Bad Reichenhall though before crossing the border into Austria. We really look forward to returning to this area though, perhaps next year. Thank you for the suggestion, we really do appreciate it. :-)

  3. Looks like your having fun. Ok. Whats that curious thing sticking up from Max's roof in the headed photo? Or is that some kind of light behind Max.

    1. Bah... yes, it looks like Max is trying to communicate with the aliens. It's actually some kind of light fixture.

  4. Love the under bridge photo that Ruth took!!! Frameworthy with so much depth!

    1. Thank you Kim, I was lucky to have timed it just right, especially when you consider that we were in a moving vehicle, luckily we are never fast moving. :-)

  5. Hate to tell you this...but the Austrians will not be impressed by your mention of 'The Sound of Music.' They generally think it's stupid. I was told the movie opened in Vienna...and closed the next night.

    I lived in Wien (Vienna) for a summer, back in college days, with cousins who were missionaries there, and moved south with them down to Villach. (Not far from Venice...which I never went to. One of my regrets in life.) I miss beautiful Osterreich (Austria) and hope to take the Brick there sometime. Please have some weinerschnitzel for me!

    1. We will make sure not to mention that to them then, lol!

      We won't be making it to Vienna or Venice on this particular trip but we will get to both of them sometime over the next few years. We will however try to make it to Villach on our way to Slovenia because, Kevin's dad has some pictures from that area that we hope to match up, once again. :-)


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