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Thursday, October 28, 2021

The fabulous Štrbački Waterfalls, and a really nice campsite by the river

It was a bit cold and quite foggy when we got up Wednesday morning. We had two goals for the day... the first one was to see the nearby Štrbački Waterfalls, and the second was to get some laundry done!

We headed to the waterfalls right away. Good thing we did too, because there is an 8 km (5 mile) narrow winding road in, with very little opportunity for someone to pass heading the opposite way.

There are three entrances to Una National Park, and all of them will eventually lead to the waterfall. However I had read that the first two are better suited to 4 wheel drive vehicles, and at least entrance number three is paved most of the way.

So we drove down into the valley.

Scenery along the way.

The fog is starting to lift.

Entrance number 3.
Note the sign on the right saying "no large vehicles".

The road in was recently paved, but only wide enough for Max!
There was very little opportunity for an opposing vehicle to pass.

The last 2 kms were terrible potholes.

Tired of the potholes, we came across a spot where I thought we could leave Max parked by the side of the road without affecting traffic. I did a 9 point turn to get him faced in the opposite direction. So glad he is a small motorhome! And then we walked the last km to the entrance booth.

We paid the 7 marks ($5 CAD, $4 USD) entrance fee per adult, and walked the rest of the way to the falls.

Our first view of the falls.

The river at this section is the actual border between Bosnia and Croatia.

Looking downstream.

Štrbački Waterfalls

Nice waterfalls, and worth the effort, especially with a reasonable admission fee. We only saw about 20 people the whole time we were there, and we were really lucky that we didn't encounter any vehicles at all on the way out.

By this point, the fog had lifted and it was actually turning out to be a much nicer day than they had forecast.

But we still needed to get laundry done! It turns out there aren't many laundromats in Bosnia. The next one I can find listed is in the city of Sarajevo, but that's a couple of days away yet. So the next option was to find a campground that has a washing machine.

I found a listing where one of the reviews said there was a washing machine available, so we headed there. It's just outside the national park, so it was pretty convenient. And we got there to find that it's a really pretty little spot!

We pulled in, and there was only one other motorhome... another unit similar in size to Max, but with Belgium licence plates.

We walked up to the "reception" where there is also a small restaurant and bar. A guy about our age was in there, and he is our host. He spoke very little English, but invited us to have a seat, and he proceeded to get some glasses and pour out some raki... the same local homemade booze that they make in Albania!

Nice guy. He gave us some maps detailing hiking and biking trails in the area. There is also a very friendly dog and cat.

And an old, small washing machine. 

It's seen better days. We did one load and it took about three hours! Don't think the clothes got that clean, but they smell fresh and at least they got wet, so that's something. Oh well. We'll try another load today provided we think it' going to stay sunny enough to dry them.

Max, at his spot by the river.
GPS 44.568368, 16.083342

Price in the off season is €14 ($20 CAD, $16 USD) including electric. And, there is WiFi available in the restaurant/bar. So, not bad.

We met the people from the other motorhome. A young couple (35?) from Belgium using his parents motorhome. Nice people, and they invited us to sit by the river and have a glass of French Champagne with them.

Sitting by the river, sipping French Champagne.
Does life get any better?

We had bought a whole chicken the other day, and it was time to roast it up!

Cooked to perfection, along with roast potatoes.

Despite the availability of quite a lot of free camping in the area, we're going to spoil ourselves and stay here a second night. There are a couple of castles we can hike to, and another waterfalls we can ride our bikes to. And it's supposed to be another nice sunny day!

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And in Canada...


  1. Beautiful Waterfall..Roast looks good also . :)

    1. The waterfall was gorgeous, we are so glad we made the effort to get there.

      The chicken turned out perfect, I was really pleased. :-)

  2. Can i join you at the river with my wine, lol. That is the best, talking with fellow travellers.

    1. Sure come on over!

      It really is a great part of traveling when you can meet like minded people and enjoy some wine/champagne by the river with lots of good conversation. :-)

  3. Quite astonishing that you can cook a WHOLE chicken in such a small space! You two show amazing ingenuity and creativity! Very inspiring! And it looks delicious!

    1. It really wasn't difficult, you just need and oven and a small chicken. :-)

      I really like our oven and so glad that we paid the extra money to have it installed in Max. It makes a big difference when it comes to making meals. The chicken was cooked perfectly and it was delicious and so was the chicken soup the next day. :-)

  4. Wow! U can't get a bad picture there!

    1. No, you certainly can't! The scenery and waterfalls were so lovely. :-)

  5. Wow! The waterfalls looked like a layered cake..beautiful. I had use google map to locate the source of the waterfall...the Una River snaking down through the park. Nope life doesn't get better than French champagne by the river! BTW what ever happened to your bucket clothes washer? I remember Ruth doing laundry in that bucket. Chicken looks delish. We had roast chicken from Sprouts last night too.

    1. The waterfalls were beautiful with it's terraced levels like that.

      We gave the laundry plunger away to some other RVing friends, it would have been to awkward to have brought it with us in our luggage. We will see if we can find something similar here, I have to admit that I miss it.

      The chicken was delicious, it turned out perfectly.

    2. Oooo, laundry plunger? Inquiring minds want to know! Thanks.

    3. Here is the blog post on the "washing plunger" that we used to have. There is also an Amazon link to it. We really liked it and now that we are finding it hard to find places to wash our laundry, I am really missing this!

  6. Your cooking is as amazing as the scenery!

  7. A wonderful day! Great pictures, as usual, and Ruth you are a kitchen rockstar!

    1. Thank you Peter!

      Yes, it was another wonderful day and our next day was even better if you can believe that! :-)

  8. Ooh nice that we ended up in your blog!

    We are very glad we invited you guys for A glas of our champagne and we got to know you guys better. I always love hearing stories of other travellers from around the world.

    Seeing that picture of the chicken we wish we would have gone in the wrong campervan "by coincidence" because the campervans look almost the same.

    And we are also very glad we stayed for another night because this day was full off pleasant surprises! How lovely is Bosnia and their people.

    Keep enjoying your trips and Adventures and let's hope we meet again!

    1. Thank you so much for inviting us over for that drink of champagne by the river and the lovely conversation. Like you we love hearing about other people's travels and you have certainly had some great travel adventures yourselves, it was fun to hear about them.

      Lol, you missed out on the chicken but you had a nice diner of goulash up at the restaurant.

      It was a wonderful afternoon yesterday, so glad that we got to enjoy that experience with you two as well. This is exactly why we love traveling so much and meeting up with locals. Definitely a day to remember.

      We will continue to enjoy our adventures for sure and the same to both you and Freya. Something tells us that our paths will cross again. Please stay in touch, it was wonderful to have met you both. :-)

  9. You two are true explorers! You like the same as us! Take care,Rawn

    1. Yes, I think I can safely say the we are explorers! There is nothing better than visiting new countries and new places and meeting up with people along the way. We are glad that you enjoy much the same.


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