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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Why are we still sitting here? And a few warranty issues

We arrived here to meet Max last Friday, so we have now spent four nights sleeping in the new motorhome. Yet he still has only 30 kms (18 miles) on the odometer. That's because we haven't driven him yet!

We had explained beforehand that we were in no rush. Plus, we arrived on a Friday so we were pretty sure not much would get done over the weekend. And Monday and Tuesday were Amazon Prime days, so I was pretty busy working during that event, and quite happy to be sat in one spot.

And, it gave us a chance to go over the rig and check out any problems. And there are some minor warranty problems (detailed below) to sort out. But, they are very minor.

Also, they haven't done the registration and insurance yet. We had a meeting with Dominik here and went over some choices. The system doesn't make it easy for a foreigner to come in and register a German plated vehicle. Of course it's just about the same anywhere in the world. We had problems registering our Australian vehicle as well when we were there. There is always a workaround, but you have to think outside the box and sometimes tell a little white lie or two. Fortunately, this dealer has dealt with quite a few other foreign buyers, so they're pretty familiar with our situation, and they know all the angles. 

We have an appointment to get all of this done today, and we hope to make it to a nearby free overnight spot this evening.

But, we are not going far because we also have an appointment Friday afternoon with the head service technician. 

Every new RV has some warranty issues. When I worked at the RV dealership in Kingston, Ontario ten years ago, people would come back with an arms length list of warranty problems on their brand new RV. Most of them included some pretty serious problems. Quality control on North American made RV's was terrible, and I continue to read stories about how badly they are thrown together, and how difficult it is to get problems repaired after the fact.

But European RVs are better built to begin with. So our list of problems is short, and the stuff is really pretty minor.

The most serious problem is the roll up door in the pantry.

Pulling it down, it comes to a stop right here.

It had been able to close at the beginning, but something is catching in behind and it's not anything that we have put on the shelves. By day three, we could no longer close it all the way.

The feet of the ladder.
The right one is missing the soft rubber pad.

Two of the cupboard door handles are loose.
Just a couple of screws that need tightening up.

One side of the white decorative curtains is missing.

The seal between the toilet and the wall won't stay tight.
I have put it into place a couple of times and it just comes out again after a couple of hours.

One of the bed support straps was never trimmed off.
It needs to be cut and the end melted so that it doesn't unravel.

And that's it. Like I said, pretty minor stuff. 

I can't find anything wrong with the exterior at all.

So, we will be here in Dulmen area until probably Saturday morning. At that time, we will head to Netherlands!

Why Netherlands? Well, there is a huge camping gear superstore just across the border only 60 kms (36 miles) away and we want to buy some camp chairs and a table. And an inverter, but we want to talk to the head mechanic first to see what installation would be best suited to do it the way I want to.

From there, we plan to head up to the North Sea coast.

Record low deal on the Google Nest WiFi Thermostat.

And in Canada...


  1. Crazy question, but how much does insurance run you, compared to Canadian costs? I'm sure it's much more than Sherman due to the value, but I'm curious as to how big a bite it takes out of your budget.

    1. Too be honest we don't know exactly how much it is going to cost us yet but when we do know Kevin will be mentioning in the blog plus it will also show up in our expenses at the end of the month. Kevin will also be explaining more about how the registration and insurance works for us on today's blog post.

  2. Enjoy the Netherlands. I was born there not far from the German border. Winchoten, Groningen. All my extended family still live in the country. Looking forward to all the photos and stories. I would love to do this, MH through Europe.

    1. We are not sure how long we will actually stay in the Netherlands. We are mainly going so that we can go to this big camping store and then work our way to the northern coast, if we do that going through the Netherlands then we will be going right towards Winschoten, so maybe we will stop in and take so pictures for you if we do. Our hopes are to come back to the Netherlands another time and see the country properly and preferably in the springtime so that we can see all the tulips. However, with us you just never know and we may decide to explore more of the Netherlands on this little scouting adventure.

      Perhaps after seeing our posts of us traveling through Europe, you just may decided that you will come over here and do the same thing. :-)


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