Miravet Castle and the village of Miravet, Spain.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Near Vinaros, Spain.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Trail markers, but no trail

We've really enjoyed our week here in the Albanian Alps. Other than one rain day, we did some hiking each day. In fact, we did 44 kms (27 miles) with some decent elevation gains.

Yesterday was our last full day here. We decided on a walk on the other side of the valley. For most of it, I think we were following an old logging road. But the signs at the beginning pointed to the top of the mountain, which we kind of figured would be a tough hike. 

But unlike other walks we have done in this area, this one actually had route markers. Unfortunately, we got to a point where there were route markers, but no route!

Looking back at the village of Boga.

I could see what looked like a cave on the opposite side of the valley.
I zoomed in, and I guess it was a cave... a snow cave!

Our building is the big grey one on the left.

Me, on the trail.


Looking up.

So eventually, we exited the forest into a big meadow. In the center of the meadow was a huge firepit. This is way up in the middle of nowhere. Very strange. All we can think is that they use it to make charcoal.

Ruth and the big firepit.

There is also a natural spring.

Me, enjoying the views.

We think there was some kind of settlement up here at one time.

Heading higher.

This was the point where we kind of lost the trail. We didn't lose the trail markers though. It was very odd... there was no trail at all. Almost as if the markers were put in ten years ago, and then nobody ever used the route. It was quite steep, but we always managed to see another route marker so continued on. 

I took a video for you. Turn up your volume...

And here is Ruth, climbing up behind me...

But we eventually got to a part where there had been an avalanche or something many years ago and there were a lot of old trees down. We couldn't find another marker, but I figured that the route could only go higher. So I took off up the next ridge on my own, and would call back for Ruth if it was worthwhile.

I could not find a route marker... 

All I found were three red x's.

Can you see Ruth?

We decided to turn around.

Heading back down.

You can see our trail, the old logging road.

Taking a break.
Ruth forgot her hat, so she had a scarf on her head.

We ended up doing 11 kms (6.8 miles) with about 1500' elevation gain. Not a bad workout.

Today is moving day, and we are going on holiday! There is a special boat trip that we want to do near the village of Koman, but there is no self catering accommodation available. So we are staying at a guest house and paying for meals. We're only booked in for three days though, and then we will likely head back to the city of Tirana to end our time in Albania.



  1. Lovely scenery . Enjoy your holiday!

    1. Yes, the scenery is definitely lovely. We will miss these mountains and the hikes that we have been having here but we have no doubt that we will still find some more beautiful places to explore. :-)


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