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Monday, June 28, 2021

We never thought there would be flamingos in Germany

Sunday afternoon we went for a walk to see the flamingos at Zwillbrocker Venn. One of the trails to the conservation area actually starts right where we were parked with Max.

This area is famous because of a colony of nesting flamingos. It is the furthest north colony in the world. We never would have thought there would be flamingos in Germany.

As we were leaving, I took a photo of this monster rig in the RV parking area...

It looks like the whole roof raises up.

Which path do we want to take?

Ruth, looking at the map.

It was a pleasant Sunday afternoon, so the park was busy with lots of cyclists and walkers.

Cows and bulls relaxing in the field. 
That one fellow with his face turned away was huge.

Me, on the trail.

The marsh. The flamingos are there, but they are really far away.

Pretty wildflowers.

There are three different viewing points. We had already been to the first one, but they were still pretty far away. The second one, they were still far away. The third one was close enough to take some zoomed in photos.

Such odd looking birds.

Black-headed gulls.

Lots of birds.

We walked back into the village of Zwillbrock, but there isn't much there except for a big church, and a hotel and restaurant.

The St. Franziskus Church.

Completed in 1720, it completely survived both World Wars.

Walking back to Max, we saw this huge solar installation on these barns.
There is a lot of solar electricity here, and a lot of wind generation too.

So, just a nice pleasant day.

This Digital Touch Food Thermometer is at a record low lightning deal for the next four hours.

And in Canada...


  1. I had to smile at all the bird pics. Well, I always smile at your bird pics, just because I love birds. But I smiled more this time because, just for fun, I started reading the archives the other day, and I'm working my way through the first year. Somewhere in there, you made the comment that you have no interest in birds. I wonder if that has changed over the years? I think everyone's interests change and evolve, so maybe this is one of those categories for you, since you often post great pictures of birds nowadays! Thanks for doing that, and even more, thanks for taking the time and energy to find out what kind of bird it is, as you often do. :)

    1. We are glad that we have made you smile at our bird pictures and you are totally right, Kevin never was very interested in birds at the beginning our nomad life. I, on the other hand enjoyed seeing the birds, my mother was really into birding although I never was as interested in them as her but things really changed on our trip to Namibia, Africa back in late 2013 and we started seeing all these neat looking birds and we had a kinda guide book that helped to identify the birds. I am often the one that gets Kevin to take most of the bird pictures these days and I do my best to figure out what they are, if they are colourful or different then Kevin enjoys them too. :-)

  2. Fascinating! I would never have expected flamingos in Germany either. I did notice that they have far less pink coloration than those in the Yucatan, due to their different diets. Still very beautiful.

    1. Nope, we certainly didn't think we would see flamingos here in Germany! There were some flamingos that had darker colouring but they were pretty far away plus the camera doesn't pick up the pink very well from so far away. They do still eat shrimp even here in the pond/lake but no they probably aren't as colourful as the ones in the Yucatan and certainly not as plentiful.

  3. Your beautiful wildflower is a Foxglove , probably a garden escapee. It is very poisonous and the heart drug , Digoxin is derived from the plant . Just a bit of trivia for you.

    1. Thank you for letting us know what kind of flower it is. You saved me the trouble. And thanks for that bit of trivia about it. This flower was definitely not a garden escapee, I believe they are wildflowers here because we have seen them everywhere we have been so far in Germany in very abundant amounts.

  4. Just wait until you see inside some of the Baroque churches in the South.

    1. I can just imagine! I am sure some of them will remind us of Mexico or even some of the ones that we have seen in the Czech Republic. We won't make it down to the south part of Germany until we return from Canada late September or so.

  5. That "monster rig" looks like something out of a military action movie!

    1. I think it looks like a garbage truck.

    2. Yes, on both accounts! We were both curious as to what it looked like inside. It sure isn't a pretty looking vehicle and we are both glad that it is them driving it and not us.

  6. Every garden flower was once a wildflower and they still are in their original environment.
    Love all the wildflower and bird pics. I’m a watcher of both and find your pics so interesting.

    1. This is very true!

      I am glad that you enjoy our wildflower and bird pictures. Hopefully we will see more of both as we travel on down the road. :-)


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