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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

May Expenses

And so another month begins... it is June the 1st today. 

We are still using the TravelSpend app to keep track of our expenses. It's really working well for us and it's easy to use.

May was a good month, simply because we came in right where we expected to be. There were no surprises! We spent $2,413 CAD ($2,002 USD) for the month.

And it's almost exactly the same as what we spent in April

Here's how it all broke down (Note, the following figures are in $CAD. For $USD equivalent, subtract about 20%.

Gasoline: We spent $122 on gasoline in our rental car for the month.

Groceries: Again, no surprises. We spent $434, slightly less than the month before.

Meals out: A little higher than planned, at $121. That included two anniversary dinners!

Alcohol: A very reasonable $99 for the month. 

Miscellaneous: $270. This is mostly our travel medical insurance, but also includes a little ($16) for our monthly cellular access here in Albania.

Entertainment: $11. That was for entrance to a castle. Otherwise, it is pretty inexpensive to keep entertained! Hiking is usually free!

Overnight: This is where we overspent a little bit. At $1,039 it averaged out to $33.50 per night, which is fairly high for Albania. The average was skewed to the upside a bit because of our stay in the mountains for the last week of the month at $44 per night.

Travel: Our car rental, at $315 for the month.

So, at $2,413 CAD ($2,002 USD) we are happy with that.

June is pretty much impossible to budget for. We have no idea where we are going to end up this month, or if we will get into our motorhome.

Nice price drop on World's Best Cat Litter.

And in Canada...


  1. My expenses match yours for month of May. June my mortgage will be paid off...YAY!! BUT, up comes the repairs and upgrades.

    1. Congratulations on paying off your mortgage in June!


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