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Monday, June 21, 2021

Exploring Dulmen, Germany

We took a break from the shopping yesterday, although partly because it was forced on us. Here in Germany, the vast majority of shops are closed on Sundays.

So we spent some time organizing and figuring out the best way to store things in Max. And, we were overdue for some exercise so we got out for a long walk.

Ended up we were gone for three hours and did 15 kms (9.3 miles). It's perfectly flat in this area though, so we had to pick up the pace to get the blood flowing.

The dealer where we are parked is located in an industrial area, but there are lot of cycling and walking paths to get to the town of Dulmen.

Scenery along the way.

Heading into town.

We walked by the Dulmen train station.

Bicycle parking!
During the week, this would be very busy.

Big church.

Almost in the central area.

The entrance to downtown.

The town of Dulmen was pretty much demolished during bombing raids on March 21-22, 1945.
184 civilians were killed.

All the shops are closed.

This little one was enjoying the fountains.

Wood carving statue.

This survived the war.
There was a plaque that was all in German, but it mentioned the date 1795.

Nice garden in a private yard.

We had seen a city map that listed four different motorhome parking areas. 

It's interesting that in Europe, most free RV parking areas located near towns are for self contained motorhomes only. No travel trailers, which is odd because travel trailers are quite popular here. But it could have something to do with space and maneuverability. Not sure.

We walked over to the nearest one to see what it was like. 

There is a city map, and you can see the four motorhome parking areas.

It also tells you the rules. There are no facilities at this particular one, other than a single picnic table. There is a 75 hour parking limit, and it is free.

Three motorhomes taking advantage of free parking in the shade.

Then we carried on to a big park. The park is actually fenced and gated because there are deer in it. But it's really big. Maybe 5 sq km (3 sq miles) with walking and cycling paths.

Oh deer.

Another one.

Walking back through town.

My first nap in Max!

We haven't shown you Max's interior layout yet. But if I want to have a nap, I can just recline the swivel driver's seat and stretch my legs out. It will do just fine!

Nice sunset!

We have now slept three nights in Max. The adjustable electric drop down bed works fine and we don't think that we need to do anything to improve the factory mattress. It is actually really comfortable. 

The first night, we lowered the bed only enough to be able to use it. It's really easy to set up, and we only have to remove the headrests from the lower dinette seat in order to use it this way. There is a supplied ladder that hooks onto my side. Ruth is able to get out her side, and actually walk (hunched over) under the bed in order to get to the toilet.

The second night, we dropped the bed all the way down just to try it that way. But you have to remove all the dinette back cushions and store them on the floor, and reinstall them the next morning. You don't need the ladder this way, but Ruth has to crawl over me to get to the bathroom.

We've decided we like it better in the upper position. It's much easier, and we really don't mind the climb up.

Today, we look after registration and insurance.

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  1. Good luck and I wish I was napping in that chair. I love the gray seats.

    1. Lol, I might have to worry if you were napping in "that" chair! We really hope that you will be able to nap in your motorhome chairs soon. :-)

      We love the great seats as well, it is a shame to cover them up but we want them to stay in as pristine condition as possible.

  2. You two can naps any time you want! I like the lay out! When any is new it just takes time to figure out some out things. You two take care, Rawn

    1. Yes we can but I am pretty sure that it will be Kevin having naps, not me as I rarely do.

      We have most of the workings in the motorhome figured out, it is storing things that make the best use of space that is going to take a bit of time but it is all coming along nicely.

    2. Nothing wrong with having a nap! :-)


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