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Sunday, December 27, 2020

Eye report... the day after surgery

Woke up Saturday morning with a 9:30am appointment at the eye doctor ahead of us. 

The first thing I wanted to do was to remove the patch to see if I could see! The doctor had said it was okay for me to remove it in order to confirm that I would be okay to drive.

I knew from my research that it wouldn't be perfect. But other than that, I didn't know what to expect.

I had also read that some people have a problem with bright lights, so I turned the lights off, and removed the patch. Well, it was really cloudy looking... and the focus was actually worse than what it had been prior to the operation. But again, I had read that was to be expected... everyone's eyes react differently. But, the lighting, or the brightness didn't seem to be an issue at all.

Even an hour later it was starting to improve. With my good eye doing most of the work, I figured I was okay to drive. Besides which Saturday is a lock down day here in Turkey, so there would be very few cars on the road.

The pain that Ruth had been experiencing the night before had subsided a bit, but she still had a scratchy feeling in that eye... she said it felt like there was a piece of glass in her eye! I had that same feeling as well, but not enough that it really bothered me.

The other day, when the doctor had told us which lenses he was recommending for each of us, I went home and did a bunch of reading and research.

The lenses I have are called Extended Range Intraocular Lens Implants. They are the Tecnis Symfony model from Johnson & Johnson.

The lenses Ruth has are called Enhanced Mono Intraocular Lens Implants. They are the Tecnis Eyhance model from Johnson and Johnson.

Technology has improved a lot in the past five years. The lenses I have only came on the market in 2016, and Ruth's were a new product only in 2019. Prior to that, the only options were a standard mono lens (still the only one that health insurance will cover) and a multi focus lens that can be described as being similar to bi-focals.

We made it to the doctors office with no problem. He sat me in the chair and had another look through his fancy machine. All is good. Then he put some drops in to anesthetize the eye, and he proceeded to remove the stitch he had put in the afternoon before. I didn't feel a thing.

He explained that yes, my eye would be cloudy for a day or so. But both our eyes would continue to improve throughout the next 48 hours, and in fact over the next two to three weeks. He would not even attempt to test our vision until we return at our next appointment Monday morning.

By after lunch, I was starting to be able to focus better. In fact, I ended up removing the left lens from my glasses! My left eye was now better without my glasses than with them. Yay!

We both had an afternoon nap. It's not like Ruth to do that, but I guess she was due. 

Upon waking up, I noticed that I could focus on something close. I tried to read my phone with my new eye, and I could almost do it! Very exciting! And it will only get better. 

We have to take a regime of eye drops every three hours or so. I have three different types, and Ruth has two. 

Things continued to improve through the evening. One interesting thing that we noticed is that the colors were different from the old eye to the new eye. But this morning as I write this, that issue seems to have disappeared.

Can't wait to get the second eye done on Wednesday!


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  1. I am following along, and scared and concerned. I don't handle scary things too well. But, I am praying you both have fantastic end results. I'm dreading a future surgery, I tell ya.

    1. Just try to relax, we are in good hands! Our doctor is amazing and he takes his time and definitely knows what he is doing, plus he really cares about his patients, we aren't just a number to him.

      We are looking forward to Wednesday and getting our other eye done and then really seeing the results. Even as I type this message I am able to do it without any glasses on and that is with just one eye being done! :-)

  2. Well, well, well! You are very brave, the two of you, to go through this eye surgery ... just reading your posts scared me completely! The last thing I would want is to risk being blinded (or half blinded) in a foreign country, on the other side of the planet ! (Sorry for such negative comment!) That's why I admire you so much for your courage and your willingness to try new things! My best wishes for a complete recovery in both eyes to both of you!!! So you can enjoy a very pleasant and Happy New Year 2021!!! And so you can keep on traveling and letting us enjoy your adventures on a daily basis (I'm totally addicted by now!!!)

    1. We don't think that we are being so brave, so many people go through this same surgery every day all over the world, including Canada and the USA. It is all done with the same technology and same modern equipment and qualified surgeons, so please sit back and relax, we are in very good hands. :-)

      People need to realised that just because we are in another country that the medical system is just as good if not better than Canada and the USA, the doctors are trained well and the equipment is modern just like at home. We have done our research before both on the procedure and the surgeon doing the procedure and his credentials are amazing, probably better than some of the doctors back home. We definitely didn't just jump into this "adventure" blindly, lol!

      Thank for vour best wishes for us, we are confident that Wednesday's procedure will go smoothly and we are looking forward to not having to wear glasses.

      We wish you a Happy New Year and hope that 2021 will be a much better year for everyone. And, thank you for so faithfully following along on our crazy adventures. :-)

  3. You are both feeling tired due to the Medications used during the surgery. Anytime your body experiences a severe shock (Surgery) one way it recovers is by having naps.
    We found our natural lens had developed a Smokey haze that we didn't notice until having the first eye repaired. Everything will be clear sailing once your second eye is completed. In the meantime you might consider shopping for Sunglasses.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We both totally understand that we are tired from all the goings on and the after affects of the surgery itself, mind you we also walked over 15 km that day too! Plus the fact that Kevin enjoys an afternoon nap most afternoons anyways, even if it is for only 20 minutes or so.

      We are already noticing a huge difference in our eyesight after only having the one eye done. I am able to type and read this message without having to wear my glasses. We have already purchased some sunglasses but haven't needed them yet but the weather also hasn't really been sunny and bright, plus we have been locked down for the weekend, so we haven't gone outside other than going to our follow up appointment on Saturday morning.

  4. I was surprised your eye patch was removed the day after surgery...yikes! My doctor removed mine a week later and waited another week before the second surgery was done. I had no problems with cloudy or blurry vision and no sensitivity to light. I had the most clear vision ever and the colors popped! No more dull gray looking still amazes me. Hope you experience new clear vision like I did.

    1. Maybe things have changed since you have had your surgery! Our doctor is very well trained and has great credentials, he has lived and worked in the States and in Europe to further his training so we feel very confident that he knows what he is doing. Plus the fact that we hear so many other people talking about their experience with their eyesight the day after the surgery so they must not have had an eye patch on either. How would you have been able to put drops in your eyes all day long with an eye patch on? We only need to wear the patch when we are sleeping at night.

      You have to remember too that we don't have cataracts so we never had cloudy vision to begin with, we see colors just fine wearing our glasses, however it will be nice not having to wear glasses anymore. :-)

  5. All right you two!! For my Cataract surgery in 2008 i opted to go with what they call “Crystal lens implants” they were the latest back then. I am glad i had it done. They are supposed to mimic the natural lens as far as flexibility etc. Your eyes will be more light sensitive so investing in a good pair of sun glasses is a very good idea. Take care. Larry & Nancy

    1. Yep, we are pretty happy with our results so far! :-)

      Sounds like the lens that you got is similar to the one Kevin got, just that his is the new and improved model with a different manufacturer. Very happy to hear how pleased you are with your results.

      We have already purchased a pair of sunglasses each but haven't needed to use them yet, one because the weather hasn't been sunny and bright and two, we were under the weekend lock down again.

  6. Replies
    1. That is what we are thinking too! I am already reading and typing on the computer without glasses, it is wonderful. It will be even better once the other eye is done. :-)

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks Tina! Now that we have the second eye done we can't wait to see what the results are going to be. We will soon start seeing today because the patch will come off after yesterday's surgery. :-)

  8. Pretty exciting. I am re-living my detached retina surgery and recovery as I read this. Very exciting as the vision gets better and better.

    1. I hope your recovery due to the surgery for your detached retina is going well and that things will be back to normal for you.

      We are so happy with the results now that we have both eyes done. It is so wonderful not to have to wear glasses. :-)

  9. My mother reported that after her cataract surgery a year or so ago, she realized that the paint color she'd chosen for her master bedroom wasn't the soft blue-green (like a Tiffany box) she'd thought but much more of a "true blue". Apparently cataracts can give everything a slightly yellowish tint! Who knew? Glad it appears that your surgeries went smoothly. I think I'll stick with my progressives, but I'm hoping you both get excellent results once it's all done and healed up.

    1. I am not totally sure why I have noticed a very slight difference in color between before and after the lens replacement. I can understand the difference your mother would have noticed because she had cataracts so that would have caused her vision to be impaired somewhat but we didn't have cataracts to begin with, well I had a very, very slight one starting in my right eye but it wouldn't have affected me to that extent. Anyways everything looks great and we are so pleased with the outcome.

      We will be seeing 2021 so much better now! :-)


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