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Saturday, December 5, 2020

Curfew, market day, and more Lycian Way hiking!

The whole week they had been calling for rain. But fortunately their original forecast of steady daily rain has turned out to be wrong! Instead, we've had some rain overnight, and an occasional hour or so of late afternoon rain, but otherwise it has been a very pleasant week with high temperatures of between 18C to 20C (65F to 68F). 

Turkey announced new lockdown measures earlier this week that include a full weekend curfew, among other things. This time, compared to previous announcements, it didn't specifically mention an exception for foreign tourists.

That may have been an oversight though. It's difficult to find accurate information, especially due to the language issue. But we found a U.S. Embassy in Turkey website that says the curfew and restrictions are in place for Turkish citizens and residents only. However, we don't want to flaunt our freedom in front of the locals, so we will be taking part in the curfew. It's only for two days, and we have lots of computer work on the go to keep us busy.

Because of the curfew, we wanted to make sure we had enough supplies and weren't going to run out of anything. Besides, Friday was market day and we already were going to be stocking up anyhow.

Ruth, picking out some potatoes. 

At the cheese guy.

We love going to the cheese guy. They aren't shy about giving you samples of anything you want to try, and the guy in the orange speaks decent enough English. 

We walked away with bags of stuff hopefully to keep us going until we find out when market day is in the next town of Finike when we arrive there on Tuesday. We headed back to the apartment to drop off our stuff.

When we got their, our greeting party was there to meet us!

This is Maya... she would not sit still for a photo!

Maya belongs to our hosts here at the apartment building. She is only two and a half months old, and is just a bundle of energy.

We had some lunch and then drove to the other side of the town of Kaş to find another section of the Lycian Way hiking trail.

Did I mention it was another beautiful day?

Wild narcissus.

We have noticed that since the rains began things are starting to get green. Wild flowers are coming up, and the grass is greening up. Plants that had been dormant during the dry hot summer are starting to grow. It's a really pretty time of year in Turkey.

I only picked this trail because it was near the town, and it has a circular detour that we were able to come back a different way rather than simply turning around. Of course the Lycian Way trail does continue on, but we need to come back to where we had parked so it was nice to do a circular route. 

But it turns out it was a really nice trail and we got lucky. Of course there are many scenic sections to the Lycian Way trail, but this one was a really good hike.

It had some interesting ups and downs.

Ruth, making her way down.

Beautiful views.

Looking down at the color of the water.

I took a video for you of Ruth making her way down this section of the trail...

More ancient tombs, right beside the trail.

Another tomb.

And a cave.
Pretty sure I want to climb up there!

Yep, should be doable!

Almost there!

Made it!

So I got up there and headed in to explore. It turns out there was another entrance... or exit! And it was much easier! I told Ruth, and she came up as well.

Ruth, coming in the easy way!

View looking out the cave.

Looks like there are some storm clouds moving in.

But, we were almost back at the car, and in fact we made it back to the apartment before it started to rain. We had done 5.4 kms (3.3 miles).


There must be a pot of gold inside that building next to us.

We have now walked 334.2 kms (207.2 miles) since we arrived in Turkey October 13th.

As I post this, it is already Saturday after lunch here in Turkey. It's a nice day outside, but things sure are quiet! 

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  1. Now you are in “HOUSE ARREST”! Lol 😢

    1. Yes, more doable since you aren’t in Saskatchewan Canada with a daily high of +3 Celsius!🤣

      So funny!

      Enjoy the popcorn and cuddling with Ruth while the Great White North is out hiking and snow mobiling. Lol

      Oh did I mention it was another beautiful day here at home in Saskatchewan!😂

      Good stuff Kevin, enjoy!

    2. I hope you had fun our in the cold hiking and snowmobiling in the cold. Mind you yesterday was hard for us know we couldn't got out for a hike, it was an absolutely gorgeous day out there! :-(

      We will be out hiking today though. :-)

  2. Great! Now you only have to break into the house next door to get your bags of gold!

  3. The freedom to explore. Does the Curfew include hiking the trails?
    Be Safe and Enjoy the scenery.

    It's about time.

    1. Well, typically a curfew means that you are to stay home. So it's a safe assumption that hiking trails would not be allowed, and especially if you have to drive to the trailhead!

  4. Hope you look out for bats when going in caves!

  5. Wow,that looks like a tough trail, but it's nothing for 2 World Class hikers! You 2 have had some interesting hikes. And you have been lucky with the weather. Hope it keeps going! Take care, Rawn&Joann

    1. Actually it wasn't a tough trail at all, it did have that one spot that was a little sketchy, which was fun but not hard. The trail was was great, nice scenery, some ups and downs so that we got a workout which is what we look for when out hiking on a trail. Over the many years, yes we have hiked some interesting trails and we aren't done yet! :-)

  6. Very pretty! I'm jealous at all your hiking. Not many hills here in Florida! Cheers!

    1. It was a perfect hike, it had a bit of everything, nice scenery, ups and downs, interesting sights and to top it off it was a circular trail. It would have been nice if it had been a little longer though.

      Yeah, not too many hills in Florida!

  7. I could live in one of those caves...When we all got out of high school in 1966, my two best friends headed your way..I remember their saying they lived in caves, I think it was Africa, and I don't recall how long...Phil ended up in Finland and I can't remember what Mike did..I wish digital cameras were around back then..
    Mike is still alive, maybe I'll remember to ask him for some travel tales, if he can remember.....(;+)......

    1. I don't think it would be hard to and it looks like some people have "camped" in the cave, not sure I would want to live in one of them though!


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