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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Walked over to see the kite surfers

It was a little bit cooler here yesterday. High of 20C (68F), and sunny for the morning, but clouding over in the afternoon. Far better than the odd mix of early winter that Canada is starting to see! Looking at Cabri, Saskatchewan where the park is that we worked at for four summers, the high today is supposed to also be a mild 20C (68F). By Monday, five days from now it's supposed to go down to -17C (1F). Yikes. Talk about flipping the switch from summer to winter!

We relaxed for the morning, then after lunch we walked over to the kite boarding beach to see if we could get some up close views of the action.

We had seen the kite surfers in the distance from the town of Akyaka a few days ago, and there were so many of them we thought it would be fun to get a better view.

We decided to walk over. It was 5.7 kms (3.5 miles) each way. Not that exciting of a walk but at a decent pace it would be good exercise.

We walked through part of the nearby village of Akçapınar.

A hooded crow.

We're a little surprised that there hasn't been a lot of interesting bird life to take any photos of so far. You'd think in a climate like this there would have been more birds around.

We arrived at the beach to find that there was very little going on! When we had seen them from Akyaka a week ago, there were lots of them out there. And that was on a Tuesday as well. Maybe they had some kind of special event going on then, but it doesn't really make sense that they would hold a special event on a Tuesday, does it?

Remember this photo from a week ago?


There were very few people around, and maybe half a dozen kites set up ready to go, but maybe they were for new students. And, there were a few people who were obviously new and under instruction.

But otherwise, there wasn't much going on.

This person was learning.

We sat and watched them for a half an hour or forty five minutes. It seems that there is a fairly steep learning curve, but once you've got it, you've got it.

This girl definitely had it figured out.

It does look kind of fun, doesn't it. I think I would rather be paragliding though. The guys who we watched learning looked exhausted by the time they came in, and they still hadn't got it perfected yet.

We walked back, having done another 11.4 kms (7 miles).

One of our readers asked how the language and communication issues are. Ruth is doing pretty well and is using Duolingo to learn. It's very difficult though. We have used Duolingo with both Spanish and German and they were easier languages in our opinion. I haven't made time to do the Duolingo program with enough on my plate already due to the Facebook problems we have had. But, I can say please and thank you, and hello and good morning. And I can count to three!

But, people are friendly and they are used to dealing with English speaking tourists in this area. It really hasn't been an issue because we try and keep our contact with people limited to begin with. And of course there is always the google translate app on the phone. It might be a little more difficult as we are moving inland today to the city of Denizli which is more of an industrial city.

Speaking of which, we need to get going!

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We walked 11.4 kms (7 miles) yesterday.

Total distance walked in Turkey 148.7 kms (92.2 miles).


  1. FYI - As of today, your camping and rv deals links no longer go to Amazon... they all go to:

    1. Thanks Kristin. It's just another glitch... check back in a half an hour or so and it should be fixed. Sigh...

    2. Problem solved... happy shopping!

  2. Glad you are Enjoying the weather and the scenery.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. I suppose you and Kevin will rent a couple of kites, and get out there! Good luck! Rawn

    1. Lol, we might have done that a few years ago but I'm not so sure that we could do it now. It looks like it takes a lot of work, even for the young people.


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