Coastline at Antalya, Turkiye.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Antalya, Turkiye.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Paris, France on May 1st.

Friday, November 13, 2020

Well, we have been in Turkey for one full month now

But we have two more to go! We feel like we've seen a lot in our one month here so far, but we haven't done as much hiking as we would like to have done, despite the fact that we have now walked a total distance of 220.1 kms (136.5 miles) in Turkey. 

But much of that has been walking in ruins sites, doing a power walk, or just out exploring. The last week of November, we move to Kaş where we will have access to the 500 km (300 mile) Lycian Way hiking trail. We plan to do several day hikes on the trails in that area where we plan to stay for two weeks.

On Thursday, we relaxed for the morning and then after lunch we walked down to the beach. The area where we are staying is called Güzelçamlı and it's located about 15 kms (9 miles) south of the popular cruise ship port of Kuşadası. 

It's a bit of an odd area... packed with Turkish holiday and weekend homes, and when we went for our walk yesterday we found that probably 80 to 90% of them are closed up. I'm sure they are busier on weekends, and of course the area would be packed during the summer.

It was about a 3 km (1.9 mile) walk each way to the beach, and then there is a walking and cycling path that goes for about 10 kms (6.2 miles), along the water.

This is the view from our apartment.

And this is looking back up at our apartment.
We are in the second row going up that hill.

The beach is very wide.

And the sky is very hazy!

Ruth, testing the waters of the Aegean Sea.
She said it was cool, but if the day were hot enough she would go for a swim.

Unlikely to get hot enough for that while we are here though. Forecast highs are around 20C (68F), but with sunny skies. Quite pleasant actually. It goes down to about 8C (47F) at night.

Really nice walking and biking path.

Small marina for the locals.

Some of the empty holiday homes.

We found a little store that had an ice cream cooler, so we were looking forward to a Magnum Ice Cream bar for a treat. We normally get either a plain one, or an almond one, but this time the only one  they had was a pistachio one... we've never seen it before!

Pistachio magnum ice cream bar.
What do you think Roy?

We ended up doing 12.5 kms. A good walk, but totally flat except for the short climb back up to the apartment.

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  1. I can't believe it has already been a month. Feels like yesterday to me. Your love for hiking seems to fit right in with the terrain. Love your adventures!

    1. Time flies when you are having fun. We can't believe that it has been a month already ourselves. It sure feels like we have packed a lot in over that one month.

      Yes, this is a perfect place for hiking, we get to enjoy the mountains while still being near the sea. :-)

  2. Time flies when you are having fun and we've been having fun following your adventures.
    I can imagine how packed that beach would be during the summer but a whole different story due to the Virus.
    Stay Safe and Enjoy your travels.

    It's about time.

    1. Yes, it certainly does fly by fast! We look back though and see all the things we have done and wonder how we fit that all into just one month, lol.

      We have no doubt that that beach would be full in the summer, we are glad that we aren't here in the high season especially if it was a normal year!

  3. Nice that you are enjoying your time in Turkey. Where are you going after Turkey?

    1. We don't know yet. Entry restrictions are changing daily, so it kind of depends on which country will accept us. We don't have to be out of Turkey until January 11th or so, so it will probably be a last minute decision.

  4. Have you seen or been to any Ugyhur communities? They are an interesting people many who have fled Chinese re-education camps for Turkey. I've read about them and seen a couple of very interesting documentaries.

    1. No, we haven't. From the reading that I have seen about them, it seems that they are mostly up in Istanbul. They definitely sound like interesting people for sure.

  5. Wow, time goes fast when you're having a blast! 1 whole month. You two really are adventurous! You 2 also find very interesting areas. Take care, Rawn Stone

    1. Thank you Rawn, we certainly are having a fantastic time, it is no wonder why the time as gone by so fast.

  6. Looks very pretty there. Why are the skies so hazy? I hope it is a weather-related haze and not pollution. I did read up on MeWe, as I thought it sounded intriguing, but I learned that there has a been a huge influx of new subscribers disgruntled about the US Presidential election, and I decided to give it a pass for now. Perhaps I'll give it a try when things settle down, but I have too many friends and family members I follow on Facebook to give up on FB completely, even with the many things I dislike about it. I do appreciate that they make at least some attempt to label misinformation, while MeWe does not. I am sure the Kevin and Ruth page there would be just fine, though!

    1. It is quite nice here but more so because of the mountains beside and behind us, the beach was OK but it certainly isn't a beautiful one, at least it was a sandy beach though, many that we have seen are rocky or pebbly.

      We have no idea why the skies are so hazy, all we can really put it down to is pollution but we can't be certain of that.

      I am not sure why everyone thinks that MeWe is all about politics because you get to pick what you want to see in MeWe if you don't want politics then you just pick groups or pages that don't have anything to do with politics. I have joined several travel groups, one RV Travel group and a hiking group and I have seen nothing at all that is political about any of them. I see lots of beautiful pictures of gorgeous places that just makes my travel list all that much longer. So far I have seen nice pleasant people. With facebook over the last few months I have seen nothing but political crap from both sides, mean people saying nasty things, tons of advertising. That is just our view but everyone has to make their own decision on the matter, plus you don't have to give up Facebook you can do both. And trust me, Facebook has tons on inaccurate information, just like most social media platforms, to say nothing about all the News agencies, even they don't get things right anymore!


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