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Thursday, November 26, 2020

The town of Kas, Turkey

Just a lazy morning yesterday, although we should be saving those lazy periods for next week when there is a fair bit of rain in the forecast. They did say that rainy season is in December, but we didn't think it would begin so accurately! They say it's going to start Monday and rain every day, but it is yet to be seen if that means a steady rain all day, or just a thunderstorm for a couple of hours each day. 

But, we have rain coats with us, and we won't let it stop us from getting out there and doing things.

After lunch, we went into town. We are about 5 kms (3 miles) each way from the town center and we were going to walk it but we wanted to pick up a big jug of drinking water so we needed the car. Besides, the car needed new wiper blades and if it's going to rain, then I want to be able to see!

We parked on the outskirts and walked. The first thing we saw was a sign about a tomb, and so we walked up a hill to find it. 

This entire tomb was carved out of a single solid piece of rock!

The back of the inside wall is adorned with 24 dancing girls.

View of Kas.

Ruth, and the pleasure boat harbor.

View from the ancient theater.

Except that the theater isn't so ancient anymore. It was totally restored in 2008, so it looks more modern than ancient. I didn't even take a photo of it, although you can see the side of it in the photo above. 

A Turkish patrol boat, and one of the Greek islands.

Scenery along the way.

The working boats harbor.

We watched them take this one out of the water.
It took two tractors to pull it up, and even then they were struggling.

We went and did some grocery shopping and then I took the wiper blades off and brought them over to a mechanic shop that had a big "Fiat" logo sign advertising that they specialize in repairs to that brand of cars. 

It's funny trying to do something like this with the language issues. He said something to me in Turkish, and I shrugged my shoulders and said "English", pointing at myself. I showed the guy the wipers, and he took one glance and said "Fiat Linea?" (our model is the Linea).

I said "Evet" (yes) and he went off and came back with a box containing two wiper blades and the box was marked Fiat Linea. He typed the figure 80 into his phone and showed it to me, and I paid him the 80 lira ($13 CAD, $10 USD). I bet I wasn't there for two minutes! Our car rental guy had already agreed to reimburse me.

So, we need to take advantage of the next four days before the rains come. We are headed out to a canyon to do some hiking and take some more photos for you!

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  1. That's exciting about your rig is ready to go! When do you think you will pick it up? Rawn

    1. We will pick up the motorhome around mid to late March. At least that is what the plan is but COVID might put a wrinkle in those plans, we will have to wait and see!

  2. I'm wondering what do you use for wi-fi access to the internet? A sim card on your phone and sharing connexion with your laptop ? A Turkish outfit or what else? Just being curious ...

    1. We are using mostly WiFi that we get at our Airbnb's so we don't have to worry about using up data on our phone. Kevin did purchase a Turkish SIM card that we put in our phone though and with the purchase of the card and the 20GB of data on our first day, it only cost us $21 CAD ($16 USD) which was good for a month. We didn't even use up all that data, when we refilled our data for the second month we only purchased 10GB and it cost us $7.70 CAD ($6 USD), so as you can see even if we did have to rely on our phone for the interent is would still be quite inexpensive.

  3. P.S. The reason I'm asking is because posting many pictures requires a lot of data. So I'm wondering about the type of plan and data capacity you have in Turkey.

    1. Yes, pictures do use a fair bit of data but thankfully we haven't really had to worry about that here. We did have one Airbnb that was supposed to have WiFi but something was wrong with it and it didn't work, luckily it was at one spot where we only stayed for three nights, and we still didn't use up much data even then.

  4. Beautiful Scenery. Wise to do the Wipers before the Rain.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yes, the scenery around here is beautiful.

      I have a bad feeling that we are really going to need those wipers soon. :-(

  5. Looks like I need to add Kaş to one of our future visits to Turkey. While we've been to bits and pieces of the southern coast, there's still a lot for us to visit.

    1. I think that maybe you will need to! You will have a much better idea of that by the time we are through our two weeks here and we show you all the stuff that there is to see. :-)


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