Lots of people enjoying another beautiful day in Istanbul, Turkiye.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Antalya, Turkiye.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Paris, France on May 1st.

Saturday, November 21, 2020

It's good that we don't all like the same thing

A beautiful day yesterday with a high around 20C (68F) and lots of blue sky and sunshine. So we hopped in the car to go for a drive around the Bodrum Peninsula.

I had mentioned in another blog post that the only reason we are here is to break up the drive back to Fethiye. I had read about the city of Bodrum, and didn't think it would be our thing... too busy and touristy. But the area looked like it would make a good stopover for a couple of days just to see for ourselves.

We are staying on the north end of the Bodrum Peninsula near a town called Yalikavak. I figured it would be a little quieter here than closer to the city, but I was wrong. It turns out that pretty much anywhere along the coastline of this peninsula is busy.

Busy, and getting busier.

It seems that there is construction everywhere. Hotels, resorts, holiday homes.

We figured we would have a nice leisurely drive around the peninsula to the city, and then walk around there. But it was anything but leisurely! And this is slow season with Covid. We can't imagine what the traffic must be like during busy season. In our mind, yuck!

It would seem that we are in the minority though. Somebody must be buying these places, and obviously tourists normally flock here by the thousands. We don't see the attraction, but apparently many do. It's a good thing all those people don't like what we like!

We stopped at the town of Turgutreis and went for a walk.

Most of the islands off the coast of Turkey actually belong to Greece.

There is another big marina in Turgutreis.

We had a nice walk along the waterfront and then got back on the road.

So we're driving along and we saw a lone kite surfer out playing. Just beyond him, we saw what appeared to be a submarine. In fact, we were sure that's what it was, and even zooming in, we didn't realize that it was NOT a submarine until we looked at the photos on the laptop!

Kite surfer and submarine.

Lol... nope, that is NOT a submarine.

Another big resort.

And everything is about "luxury". All of the signs advertise luxury this, and luxury that. I know... when people go on their typical one or two week holiday, they want to spend money.

This is a pretty little harbor.

It takes forever to get anywhere. The road circling the peninsula is just a two lane twisty road, and by the time we circled around towards the city itself, we had pretty much had enough. Besides, we were tired because we hadn't slept well the night before. Yes, it's possible that affected our enjoyment of the area, but we were both definitely on the same page. We decided to skip the city itself and headed back home across the center of the peninsula.

View of our area coming back across the top of the peninsula.

It's funny because when I look over the photos that we took of the area, it all looks very nice. The photos definitely don't describe the actual area! It's very busy, and we can't even imagine what it must be like during high season. No thanks.

Nope, the Bodrum Peninsula is not for us.

But, we are glad we saw it anyhow. Now we know where we don't need to come back to when we return with a motorhome some day!

Today, we drive back to the same apartment we had when we first arrived in Turkey. We really liked the spot and the host. It's only for three more nights, but we needed to come back to redo our car rental contract. From there, we head further southeast towards Antalya.

We did enjoy the view and the sunsets from here though!

We have now walked a total distance of 269.4 kms (167.0 miles) in Turkey.

Black Friday week deals have begun!

And in Canada...


  1. Are you scoping out boondocking spots as you travel around? On another topic, Winnebago just introduced a small rv that looks right down your alley (Ekko)

    1. We are looking for boondocking spots all the time. We passed a couple of great spots today, and when we do, we say to each other "there's a great overnight spot!"

      The Ekko looks interesting... everything except for the $160,000 USD price tag!

  2. Like yourselves we appreciate the Natural and Historic Sights more then the highly commercialized areas.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. As Kevin said, it is a good thing we don't all like the same things! It looks like lots of people here love shopping, going to the beach and restaurants judging by the amount of these places that we saw in this area. At least now we know not to return to this particular area.

  3. People have become very disconnected from nature. They prefer the artificial.

    1. We tend to agree with you, especially when we see places like this. Thankfully is frees up room on the hiking trails. :-)


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