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Sunday, August 16, 2020

Where do we keep our "stuff"?

Comedian George Carlin once did a funny piece about where you keep your "stuff", and how owning a house is really only because you need a place to keep all of your stuff. In fact, I'll look it up for you.

Here it is...

George Carlin - stuff

When we sold our house in 2007, we no longer had a place to keep our stuff. Of course we sold most of it, but there were a few things we wanted to keep. So for a few years, we had some of our stuff stored in the basement of my sister's house.

Then she needed that space, so we went and picked up all of our stuff. We sorted though it and got rid of some more of it. As the years went by, the importance of owning this stuff dwindled and we wondered why we kept some of it. We brought the leftover stuff to Ruth's dad's house and that is where it sits.

All of our stuff.

There are a couple of bins that have stuff from when our kids were young. They will each get their bin and they can decide if they want to keep the stuff or not. There is one bin full of photo albums. Ruth has borrowed a scanner from her brother and will spend some time digitizing the old photos so we can dump the albums. There is a bin full of winter clothing! We hope to never have to use that stuff, and I think we should just take it to a thrift shop. I don't even know for sure what's in some of the other bins, although I'm sure Ruth does. Either way, we need to get rid of them otherwise we might actually have to pay for a storage place to keep our stuff!

Of course we also owned Sherman, which was another place to keep our stuff. We couldn't carry around much stuff in Sherman... there simply wasn't much space, and why carry around stuff you won't use anyhow. But, when we emptied out Sherman, we realized just how much stuff we still had!

And, we can no longer keep our stuff at Ruth's dad's house. The plan is to sell the house in the spring, and so we need to get rid of stuff... not add to it. And of course we are stuck with the job of getting rid of Ruth's dad's stuff as well. We've decided that the only way to do that is to hold an estate auction in the spring. There is simply too much stuff!

But some of our stuff is worth money. Yesterday, I put together all of our camping gear that we were carrying around in Sherman.

Camping gear.

I advertised it on Facebook Marketplace as a package deal at $300 CAD ($225 USD) firm and I had a deposit within two hours. The lady is coming to pick the stuff up tomorrow morning.

It's funny dealing with people when you're selling stuff. I don't like negotiating because it wastes people's time. I come up with a minimum price that I'm willing to accept, and I make it firm. If you don't want to pay that much, don't bother inquiring. And yet I still get people offering less. It's like they don't understand the meaning of the word "firm". I explain it to them pretty quickly though.

It's looking like another nice morning, so we're off for a bike ride. They are calling for some clouds and showers for this afternoon though, with more rain overnight.

Enjoy your Sunday!


And in  Canada...


  1. Purging through our stuff is an event that happens often. But sentimental value is always the trump card…

    1. It is a yearly event for us, even when we were in Sherman. I think the only thing that we have now that has any kind of sentimental value would be all our photographs and as long as they are all scanned and saved to several devices then I don't have a problem getting rid of our photo albums. Most of the other things ar pretty much just "stuff" now.

  2. Well your down to very little amounts of "stuff". I've been working at it for a long long time as I ended up with finding homes for my late father, mother, aunt, brothers stuff. Just as I get one dealt with another one came along as I'm the only one around to handle it. Plus now that my step dad's health has sadly been getting worse and I'm the full time caregiver there will be more....a lot more, stuff. It's been quite the challenge to say the least....But luckily my step dad is more pragmatic so I've been able to deal with things while he's here whereas my mom had trouble getting rid of things having been alive during the great depression.
    Wish me luck! as I'm going to need it in order to downsize to the mobile ready status I'm after.

    1. We sure are but we need to get down to even less stuff than this!

      It sounds like you have had a very big job having to go through so many different houses getting rid of everyone else's stuff. I am glad that your step father is being logical about his stuff and is able to go through the it all with you. Kevin's parents were also very much aware of this and had already pared their stuff down a lot and even now his mother is still getting rid of more. Life will be easy for our kids when the time comes. Lol, they will have the job done in less than an hour!

      We are thinking of you and wishing you the best of luck as you work your way to your future goal.

  3. Nos duele deshacernos de cosas que en algún momento nos sirvieron pero ahora le servirán a otras personas.asi pasa. Saludos amigos

    1. Una vez que te propongas deshacerte de algunas de tus cosas, será más fácil. Eso sí, ¡Oti tendrá problemas para deshacerse de sus zapatos y tú con tus sombreros y ropa!

  4. Maybe just commingle your stuff with Ruth's dad's and sell it all at the estate sale next spring?

    1. Yes, that will happen with the left over stuff!


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