Peyto Lake, Alberta.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ruth is in Calgary, and Kevin is in Jasper, Alberta, Canada.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Nova Scotia on August 17th.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Fun visit with our daughter and grandkids!

Yesterday, we were looking forward to seeing our daughter and grandkids... and the visit did not disappoint!

We haven't seen them since the beginning of last November. Grandkids sure do grow a lot in nine months!

They showed up at around 10:30am, and they brought Chester the Rottweiler with them.

Chester is a big boy (135 lbs), and he will lick you to death!

Sadie (almost 7) found herself a spot to lay down where we store the cushions for the patio set.

Cameron (9) wanted to go across the road to the dam and the river, so I went over with him. He loves anything to do with wildlife... including snakes, spiders, and insects!

And, what every other boy loves... throwing rocks into the water!

Just down from the dam.

Cameron (9).

Most of our long time readers will remember when he was born! Doesn't seem like 9 years ago. Man, time sure does fly.

He found a crayfish in the water. 

And then we came across a black rat snake.

He was pretty big!

We went back to the house to get Sadie and Mom and Grandma. Cameron wanted to show them everything he had found.


Cameron, looking for the crayfish again.
He wanted to catch it and watch it in the bucket.

But he couldn't find it again.

Sadie with a flower in her hair.

"What do you want Grandpa?"

Just a smile!

Ruth made us all a delicious lunch and we sat and talked to Lindsey for a while. Lots of interesting COVID stories from the pub that she works at. Like we said the other day, we have no ambition to be going into a restaurant these days, but we're obviously not normal.

Time to go home!

Time to say goodbye, but we are happy to be close enough to be able to see them several times over the next two months.

Gotta go... have someone coming over to look at Sherman at 1:00pm!

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And in Canada...


  1. Nice to visit with Family and even do some Exploring.
    Good Luck with Sherman. It will be sad to see him go but he does deserve a rest.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. It was so nice to see them again. We had such a great time together on Monday. :-)

  2. I think Sadie is looking more like Kevin!

    1. That could be, she definitely doesn't look like me that is for sure.


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