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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Greenwich, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on September 1st.

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Interesting things that we find

So I'm going through some more stuff in the basement, and there's a bin with a bunch of old clothes in it. Looked like some of it belonged to Ruth's mother at some point. And there's an old purse. So of course before you send the stuff off to the op shop, you check the pockets and the purse to make sure that nobody inadvertently left a wad of hundred dollar bills in there.

And of course there was no money. But there was something interesting!

I guess the last time this purse was used was in 1984!

A pack of matches from our wedding!

The other thing that's funny of course is that nowadays you wouldn't even think of spending money on customized packets of matches.

We were on the road by 9:45am yesterday morning, back into the city yet again. We visited with my mom and my sisters for an hour, and then stopped by a local health food store where they often have day old gluten free bread for $3.99 a loaf. Sure enough, we picked up a few loaves and headed south to our daughter's place where she made us delicious homemade eggs benedict for lunch. Yummy!

After lunch, we took the kids out for a walk.

Silly Sadie.

Dropped the kids off back at their house and said goodbye until Friday. They are coming by Friday morning to drop off Chester the 135 lb Rottweiler. We are dog sitting for the weekend, while they go canoe camping.

Then we stopped at a park along the way and did our power walk with a change of scenery before making it back home by 6:00pm. The day flew by!

Today is rain this morning, but clearing in the afternoon. High of only 17C (63F). 
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And in Canada...


  1. Funny... I, to had matches! May 29, 1982. And you're right no matches today!!!

    1. Yep, times have certainly changed in that regard! I wonder what they hand out as a "gift" these days?!

    2. We were at a wedding in September and they gave away wine tumblers as a "gift". It had their names and the date on it. I use it all the time for my red wine. We've also received a seedling to be planted and an herb plant. I don't even remember what we handed out at our wedding 30 years ago, lol!

    3. Wow that was quite the gift indeed!

      Kevin and I were the first to get married of all our friends so one of the weddings that we went to a number of years after we were married, they gave out little white pine seedlings as well. We thought that was a great gift. We planted in the garden and when we moved from that house about 15 or so years later it was getting very big.

  2. Most of us did smoke back then so it was a common practice.
    Now we look back with regret and call it a Bad Habit.
    Nice spending more time with the grands.
    Be Safe and Enjoy Dog Sitting.

    It's about time.

    1. Yes, there were definitely more smokers back then. We are glad to see that there is a lot less smoking these days!

      We are loving our time with both Cameron and Sadie. :-)

  3. I remember Alex at about that age and he dd not like hiking!

    1. No, he sure didn't but he did it only because we made him. I think his attitude to hiking has changed though. :-)


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