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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Berat, Albania.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Quarantine day 10

Nice day yesterday as the sun came out to dry things off, and the temperature was a comfortable 24C (75F).

I did some more weed pulling and then tackled a more enjoyable job.

This house used to be entirely heated by wood. There was a wood furnace in the basement, a fireplace in the living room, and a wood cookstove in the kitchen. Ruth's father had a 90 acre wood lot where he would cut all his firewood for the winter and bring it back to the house.

And of course he did all his own wood splitting as well. So he had a big heavy duty trailer pull wood splitter.

Like a lot of things around here, it should have been sold years ago but instead it got parked up behind the workshop where it has sat for probably 10 years. Of course it was perfectly running and operational when it was parked.

It's probably still worth $1,500 or so if it's working properly so I figured I'd see if I could get it up and running again!

Looks pretty rough.

It used to have a tarp on it, but that has long since disintegrated.

I got it all uncovered and swept the branches and leaves off. There was stuff starting to grow on the top! I had to take some things apart to get all the bird and mouse nests cleaned out.

I found a battery that I could use and got it hooked up then I turned the key just to see what happens.

Not surprisingly, absolutely nothing happened!

There was still some fuel in the tank, but of course it wouldn't be much good. For now, I just wanted to see if I could get it to turn over.

The engine is out of a 1977 Toyota Corolla. I poked around and finally found a bad connection. Turned the key, and it cranked over. Still wouldn't start though.

I took some more stuff apart so that I had access to the breather. I took the cover off to find another mess...

Yikes... what a mess.

A chipmunk or something built a nest in there, and everything was all corroded. I've never seen an air filter in such bad condition!

So I got all that cleaned up and went and got some fuel and poured some directly into the carburetor. Went and turned the key... and it fired right up!

And promptly died again. It's not getting any fuel at all, so there is a blockage somewhere between the tank and the fuel filter, and of course I know the tank needs to be drained of all the old gas anyhow. It has one of those old bowl type see through fuel filters and so I can see that it's totally dry.

But at least I know that it will run. I'll work on it some more on the next nice day.

Meanwhile, Ruth was finishing up her deep clean of Sherman. He is ready to be sold now, and I actually have an interested party coming to view on Saturday morning. I guess we'll see.

This grasshopper blends in well.

Looking at the back of the house from the top of the backyard.

Today is another rain day, but it's supposed to clear up tomorrow, and be nice for the rest of the week.

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  1. Replies
    1. It is a beautiful house but it needs some work done to it as it has been a bit neglected for the last 10 years or so.

  2. Haha I bet you suggested the buyer arrive at exactly 6:31am Saturday, for the parole party :)

    1. No, he can't... we will be going out for a walk at that time!

    2. Oh that's right, the long awaited Power Walk!

    3. We want out the first chance that we can get. I hope it isn't raining at 6:30am Saturday morning. ;-)

  3. Once that wood splitter is working again it will be worth more then you think.
    Looking forward to the end of your Quarantine.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the last few days of house work.

    It's about time.

    1. That could very well be, we are just a little out of touch on prices having been on the road for so many years now.

      We are so looking forward to the end of our quarantine time but we have had lots to do so the time has been going by quickly. Only three more full days to deal with. :-)

      There will be many more days of house and yard work to do, even once our quarantine time is up.


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