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Saturday, August 1, 2020

Quarantine Day 7

We are half way through! And yes, it does seem to be going by quickly. Once again, the only thing that really bothers us is not being able to go for our 45 minute power walk. It will be the first thing we do when we wake up next Saturday morning!

It's a real shame we can't get out and do things though because the weather has been just about perfect. Highs of about 27C (81F) and mostly sunny. Today should be warmer though with a high of 30C (86F), and then rain tomorrow.

I know it's still almost two and a half months away, but we came up with a "plan B" regarding our flight to London, England in October. Currently, Canadian residents can't enter England without doing a 14 day quarantine and we are not about to do that. However, Canadians are welcome (not Americans though) in most of mainland Europe right now without having to quarantine.

So, if the 14 day quarantine for England is not removed by then we will simply carry on to mainland Europe with a connecting flight through London's Gatwick airport. We have confirmed that this is allowed.

I came across a couple of good websites that track what countries are open or closed and with what restrictions... (for Canadians only) (for people wanting to travel to Europe)

Then of course, the plan will be to buy a motorhome in Germany. So, at least we now know that we can get that far. Unless of course things change between now and then!

Ruth is enjoying using a nice full size oven here at her fathers house. She made pizza for dinner last night!

Mmm... pizza!

Another nice day today... blue sky and sunshine. Better get out and do some work before it gets too warm.

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And in Canada...


  1. You’re keeping busy, looking good!!

    1. We are definitely not having a problem with finding things to do around here. Lots of projects that need to be done, even after our quarantine is over.

  2. check out good site list countries open to Canadians with any restrictions that maybe required. Some countries are asking for a negative Covid test within a certain time frame. Some countries will test upon arrival at airport some are no charge others you pay. Thought you may be intetested.

    1. Thank you! Kevin did go in and had a look at that site but he preferred the ones that he listed in the blog post better. Nothing wrong with having more info at your finger tips though. :-)

  3. Well if you were down here by Chelan, 110* yesterday, no problem staying inside..
    I also smelled smoke all day but none of the info stations said a word....I found out this A.M. forest fire just one ridge over..Dang!....
    Hey...down to 101* today..It's a freeze-wave...
    70* now while watching old Barbara Stanwyck movies on TCM...
    O.K. by my Kat and I.....

    1. Yikes, that is pretty hot. However for us it wouldn't make a difference whether we were inside or outside as we don't have air conditioning.

      We hope that forest fire doesn't get worse for you. It is bad enough having the smoke but worse yet if the fire were to reach you.

      Enjoy your old movies and the AC. :-)

  4. Well-- what a great plan, since you are selling your Sherman! Travelling Europe sounds doable, at this point they seem to be sensibly handling covid, I have a friend in Belgium now-- he is a Brit citizen/home is Morocco/ children were at school in England so was there until Belgium. Was just finding you to say thanks for the help on The Moto g7 power and Garmin- both should arrive soon. Your advice made my life so simple. Since MX seems to be tracking as bad as US in covid-- I have my fingers crossed for spring 2021 entry/residency MX-- but that is not, by a long shot anywhere near as foreseeable as Europe- I'd say I have a 50/50 chance. Europe seems to be reacting quickly. We are in AR-- rehabbing a very rural home in the Nat. FOrest so busy and can be outdoors since its the Ouachita mts and few people. However neither Us nor MX has the infrastructure or smarts to deal sensibly with Covid. Thank you so much for the help and best wishes. Carol Furpahs (Colorado resident until this u turn)

    1. That was pretty much the idea for us anyways, especially after we did our two month Spain/Portugal RV trip back in January and February 2017. And yes, things definitely look better over there for traveling around.

      We have always loved Mexico and know that there is still so much more there to see but we need a change. I hope that things improve down there and that you will get to go sooner than later.

      We are happy to have helped you out with getting the Moto g7 phone and the Garmin GPS. We have enjoyed both and find they suit our needs perfectly.

      It is nice that you have a good place out in the country where you can hunker down and still enjoy the great outdoors. :-)


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