Beautiful day at Wareham, Dorset, England.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Keinton Mandeville, Somerset, England.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Birmingham, England on May 19th!

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Ruth and I went out for a bike ride before it got too hot or too windy. We ended up doing the same route we had done the other day, but in reverse. Again, only about 6.5 miles (10.5 kms) but enough to get some exercise. As we are now trying to get out on the bikes more regularly we will up the distance.

It's been pretty warm the last few days though, and windy. Highs around 86F (30C) and it's supposed to get even warmer than that later on this week.

But we will still get our exercise in, we just have to get started earlier in the day...

Out for a bike ride.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Bob and Denise were helping out with chores. Denise is now in charge of feeding Jack, the orphan calf so she gets that out of the way first thing in the morning. But after that, they were busy cleaning up the garden getting it ready for some veggie planting...

Denise and Bob working in the garden.

They've got a few projects on the go here at the ranch, and one of them is painting the corrals. It's a big, time consuming job but it gets done pretty quick when there are lots of people supplied with painting gear.

I got their spray gun set up for them. It's been quite a few years since I've held a spray gun in my hands, but with 20 years in the auto body and paint business what seems like a lifetime ago comes back to you pretty quick!

Ruth doing some painting.

Arin using the sprayer.

Bob and Denise.

Hey! Get to work... no time for fun and games!

I got out my old work clothes too! 

Arin's brother Reagan.


Sitting around at happy hour, we were watching the bird life. Lots of variety here!

I love the scissor tail flycatcher.

Notice this one is looking up?

A second later, he quickly flew up about ten feet and came back down with dinner...

Butterfly for dinner!


Yellow-headed blackbird.

Lots of other things to take photos of on the ranch...

Looks nasty, but it's just a common jumping spider,

Sunset at the ranch.

Oh, I received our new phone yesterday afternoon. After doing hours worth of research, I bought the Motorola Moto G7 Power.

It gets great reviews, especially for a sub $200 phone. It has one of the longest battery life of ANY phone available. I got most of my stuff loaded onto it already and transferred my Mexican SIM card which worked immediately exactly the way it was supposed to. If I get three years out of it the way we did with my much more expensive Samsung, I'll be totally happy.


And in Canada...


  1. Good choice in the phone. Great battery life.

    1. Kevin certainly hopes that it is a good choice, so far he seems happy with it but time will tell. The reviews on the battery life is what drew Kevin to that particular phone. I hope it is as good as they say it is.

  2. I love it!
    (your title for the day!)

    1. Knew you would, that's for the suggestion. ;-)

  3. Replies
    1. It is pretty nice and Arin is working hard on getting it all prettied up for the fall, because she is going to get married down here in the trees by the creek and she wants the place looking beautiful by then. :-)

  4. I had a Moto G for years when I was on the 7-11 pay as you go plan and loved it!! When I finally opted for a mulit year plan, the phone wasn't available... currently using a Huawei, it's a great phone too but I miss my old Moto G - it had a great camera!

    1. Good to hear that you were happy with your Moto G phone, I expect that Kevin is going to be happy with his as well. He hasn't given the camera a try yet, but that isn't what we use the phone for anyways.

  5. You have seen and done many things in your travels, but now you can add ranch hands! What will be next?

    1. Lol, yep we sure can! Today I was up to feed Cisco, the horse because Arin was off at another ranch to help with branding. Now that would have been something to see and experience!

  6. what a great way to give back to the ranch and get some exercise and sun!I'm pretty sure the owners are more than happy to have you guys as helping guests. Loved the bird pictures as usual. Great catch on the flycatcher and its dinner Kevin.Safe travels.

    1. It sure is and it feels good to do something different and help out. I know they are very appreciative because painting the rails of the corral is a big and endless feeling kind of job but having many hands make light work! :-)

  7. Great that you can help out on the ranch and get your exercise in. Seems like a great place to spend some of this weird time.

    1. We are more than happy to help them out any way that we can. It would seem like a dauntless job if you only had one or two people trying to paint all those rails and gates but with the four of us helping out it doesn't seem nearly as bad.

      It is a wonderful spot! :-)

  8. I have the moto G5 plus which I have been very happy with it, never had an issue. Like all phones after they are 2 years old, no more updates, so android 8.1 is it. I will wait for 5G to come down in price before upgrading it. I do like the fact it's dual SIM as I have both my US & Telcel in the same phone. Had some issues with mobile hotspot, but I figured out how to fix that.

    1. My 3 year old Samsung was last updated January 24th, so your info about all phones not being updated after two years must be wrong. 5G has a long ways to go before it drops in price, and of course it has to be readily available too. I'm quite happy with the speeds that are available now.

  9. oddly enough looking at prices the best deal on the G7 dual sim is $247 canadian from bestbuy. Other sites have it for $600 canadian


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