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Thursday, April 16, 2020

Good guys at Flores Tire and Auto in Brady, Texas!

We continued slowly north today. We stopped in at Lake Brady Park just west of Brady, Texas but there weren't a lot of areas to walk so it didn't look like a suitable place for us to overnight. While we were there, I checked Sherman's tire pressures.

The left rear inner tire has had a slow leak ever since we plugged it four months ago in Mexico. I've been keeping an eye on it, and I've had to top it up once a week or so. But lately, the slow leak has become a fast leak!

So we topped it up again and I watched for a tire repair place while we were going through the town of Brady. We ended up pulling into Flores Tire and Auto where they immediately told me to pull up to the bay and they would look after it right away.

And they did. It took the guy about 45 minutes, and he said I would not have any more problems with that tire.

The bill was $15 USD ($21 CAD). I was expecting it to be at least double that.

Good guys at Flores Tire and Auto in Brady, Texas!

Entering Brady, Texas.

North of Brady, Texas.

We are out of Texas hill country, and to be honest the scenery isn't quite as nice. But, it's still beautiful blue sky and we are sticking to the back roads as we usually do. There was hardly any traffic.

Scenery along the way.

This back road has a 75 mph (121 km/h) speed limit.

But Sherman toodles along at 55 mph (88 km/h) or so. 

We pulled into the municipal park at Santa Anna (pop 1,100) and found the RV parking section. Really nice park... and, only $10 USD ($14 CAD) with water and your choice of 15, 30, or 50 amp electric hookups.

Good deal! They even have a dump station to use on your way out.

Even better... we are the only ones here!

Parked up at GPS 31.739871, -99.317977

We have no problem paying for an RV site when it's a good deal. Usually though, it is NOT a good deal in our opinion which is why we take advantage of the many free overnight opportunities available to us.

And because we are used to dry camping and we are set up for it, when we are able to use hookups we consider it a bonus... but it's really not necessary. We are able to run our fridge on electric, and we might use our electric heater in the morning to take the chill off. Oh, and we will probably have a shower in the morning before we leave here... and top up our water and empty our holding tanks. 

Like I said, a good deal for ten bucks. Thanks Santa Anna, Texas!

Yesterday's drive 65 miles (105 kms).

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And in Canada...


  1. A wise choice taking care of the Tire leak before it causes a major problem.
    Nice finding inexpensive sites that will help you along the way.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the hook ups.

    It's about time.

    1. When it started needing air every day we knew it had to be repaired properly. Luckily we were able to find a shop open and one that could do the repair right away for us.

      We aren't having any problems so far finding free and inexpensive places to overnight, especially ones that are well away from other people. :-)

  2. I usually quietly follow along but I have to say that, I'm really enjoying your adventure through Texas - a place I've never been. And with no travel options in the immediate future, I love your stay safe plan and look forward to how far you got "up the road" today. Thanks!

    1. Thank you for continuing to follow along on our adventures, especially because we really aren't doing any proper exploring during these unprecedented times, just slowly moving north. Texas really is a pretty and interesting state that has a lot of diversity in it's many regions. We will definitely be back to some of the areas that we have driven through on this trip north to really take the time that is needed to really explore them. :-)

  3. We've been through Santa Anna many times, never knew about the RV park. $10 for hookups is very fair! Brady and Mason both have very nice municipal parks (Richards Park in Brady and Fort Mason City Park) where we've stayed. Also, there's a really nice rest area just north of Coleman that would work for overnight.

    1. Now you have a new place to explore! We thought $10 for hookups was very fair as well, even with the high exchange fee that we have to tack. We do like to make use of places like this to show our appreciation for supplying a place like this. It is not especially a pretty park but it also isn't a bad park either, except for the train tracks right behind us. We are finding lots of places to park overnight on our travels north through Texas. :-)

  4. The speed limits are sometimes a little excessive in my opinion. We were on a road with NO shoulders yesterday and the limit was 65. Crazy. And construction zones where they only slow you down to 65 mph. I would be finding a new job if I was a road construction worker!!!!

    1. We can't believe the speeds either, luckily we stick to the backroads where there isn't a lot of traffic and just tootle along at our own speed. We just went through a construction site yesterday and said the exact same thing about the speed limit through the site!

  5. Sweet campsite for sure!....They should all be this way, for those of us who don't need pools-golf-etc....You know what I mean....
    Safe Ride!

    1. It wasn't a bad campsite at all, except for the train tracks that ran just behind us! The price was very fair. We don't require all that fancy stuff so it is nice when small towns offer places to park for either free or a very small nominal fee. :-)


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