Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Rhede, Germany.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Papenburg, Germany.

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Rain rain, go away...

Rain is in the forecast on and off for the next several days but we still get out for some daily exercise. We set out with Bob and Denise just before 10am to do another few miles of trails.

Although it spit with rain a few times, we were actually pretty lucky.

First thing Friday morning Aron and Owenita pulled out. They are heading back to Nova Scotia and so they are taking a different route than us.

Goodbye Aron and Owenita!

A haggard looking vulture.

The cactus spring flowers are out.

The claret cup cactus has a pretty flower!

Out on the trails.

More flowers.

Amazing how a spider web can hold water!

Texas hill country.

A few streams of water.

The ranch house, now park staff accommodations.

One thing about the rain is that it's very green around here! There were a couple of day use users around, but we think that by the end of the day it is just us and the park staff!

Scissor tailed fly catcher.

It rained fairly steady overnight, and it is still raining this morning. Supposed to stop again in an hour or two so hopefully we can take that opportunity for another hike.

Nice price drop on this Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

And in Canada...


  1. That is always a nice place to visit year round.

    1. It is a wonderful place to visit. It is very quiet and secluded with tons of hiking trails, unfortunately the trails get closed when there is too much rain. Lucky for us there are still a few roads that we can hike on too.

      We will definitely return here again some day.

  2. Don't rush home? Warm enough for rain sounds pretty good.
    Sask. & Manitoba got a dump of snow yesterday and the temps are in the minus celcius.
    Stay safe. Supposed to be warming next week, however warming is only relevant here.

    1. Yuck, that doesn't sound inviting that is for sure!

  3. Love the Texas Hill Country. There's great barbecue in little mom and pop joints, (usually) great music in the little crossroads bars, and great bicycling. It can get hot in the summer, enjoy the cooler weather...

    1. We love Texas Hill Country too, it is definitely a very pretty part of Texas. No, we would not want to be here in the summer!

      I guess if we want to try out any of these BBQ places it will have to wait for another visit.

  4. Temp. got up to 13C (54.4F) today in Ottawa. Saw my first robin yesterday! Lots of people walking - 6 ft. apart!

    1. Looks like it is starting to warm up in Ottawa but April is always full of surprises when it comes to the weather in that area.

  5. When out hiking, I've come across a dead bird. Sometimes people ask, "I wonder what happened to that bird?" Birds get old and die too.

    1. I always wonder as well! Old age certainly a possibility, but also natural and man-made causes such as diseases, accidents, pesticides, electrocutions---just to name a few. It can be a scary world, so be safe out there!

    2. We have asked ourselves the same question!


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