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Monday, April 13, 2020

We needed to switch things up a little bit

We've probably power walked 60 miles (100 kms) in the last ten days. And while that's good for the aerobics, it's also good to get some different types of exercise. Yesterday, we got the bikes off. We needed to switch things up a little bit, and there are lots of places to bike around here.

This is such a beautiful area of Texas. And there are so many back roads that have hardly any traffic on them.

We first rode to the eastern end of highway 1. Only one vehicle passed us the entire ride there and back! Along the way, we found yet another great overnight spot. A paved turn off that looked like an old highway rest stop that was no longer maintained.

We rode back and across the river to a ranch road. We managed to do a couple of miles before we came to some no trespassing signs and some locked gates, We met some other cyclists who said we could carry on into the Wildlife Management Area, but the sign had said "Members Only", so we headed back the other way.

There was a big field with some strange looking animals far in the distance. I zoomed in on them...


And zebras.

There are quite a few hunting ranches in Texas that do "exotic" hunting. I'm not a hunter, so we don't really get it... although I have to admit that oryx meat tastes delicious and is quite popular in southern Africa. Given the choice though, I would rather have ostrich meat!

Nice country road for bike riding.

Scenery along the way.

We went onto another side road on the opposite side of the main highway 290. It wasn't quite as interesting, but it did end up with a few hilly sections to give the muscles a workout.

This farm is keeping the kids busy with homeschool art projects!

A hawk.

While we did our 15 mile (25 km) bike ride, Bob and Denise had been out walking with Scarlett the dog. We met back at the motorhomes and decided one more night in the area was needed. Especially with another good boondocking spot just a couple of miles down the road.

Parked for the night at GPS 30.245799, -98.587064

Besides the fact that this is a beautiful area with lots of hiking and biking opportunities, there is another reason for hanging around. 

A cold front moved into much of Texas and Oklahoma last night. We had originally thought about being in Amarillo area by now, but we've been watching the weather closely. Amarillo has a rare (for this time of year) winter storm warning, with below freezing temperature and an inch or two of snow in the forecast for the next couple of days. We are in no rush to get into that kind of stuff. Even here, temperatures have dropped considerably. High today expected at 63F (17C) with an overnight low of 43F (6C). 

We haven't experienced those kind of temperatures for a long time!

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And in Canada...


  1. Like yourselves we prefer to hunt with our Cameras.
    Lots of unstable weather all around you.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your adventure.

    It's about time.

    1. We really enjoyed seeing these animals in the wild when we were in Etosha National Park in Namibia back in November 2013. We have lots of pictures from our "photo hunt" on that trip. :-)

      Yes, there has been a bit of unstable weather around us, like a tornado that touched down not too far away a couple of nights ago. We are doing a fine job of skirting around it though.

  2. How are you handling your travel medical insurance? Some companies cut off coverage for Covid 19 after a certain date. Mine didn't (travel med), but lot of companies gave 9 days.

    1. Many companies only cut you off if you were to catch the COVID-19 virus but not for any other medical emergencies. We are self insured, so don't need to worry about that.

    2. In the US? Your choice, but my niece and her husband were in a serious accident last year in the US, the bill ended up coming to over a million dollars, They were hospitalized for over a month in hosptial and several operations on each, before they were stable enough to air evac back to Canada. They were lucky they had insurance.

  3. Where you came to the locked gate and end of the lane was the ranch my father-in-law leased the hunting rights to many years ago! Back when the area was primarily owned by Germans who had lived there for generations! It ,like everywhere else i guess, has really changed- at least the land ownership and use! For a very enlightening story look up the German community's relationship with the Comanche Indians!

    1. It seems that a lot of the land is still used for hunting, they are just private hunting ranches now, although there was also a wildlife management area there too. We will check out the story about the German's and the Comanche Indians, thanks. :-)

  4. Not sure what happened to ostrich in Mexico. We ate it for years and it was great on the grill. We haven't seen any in the supermarkets for years. Wish we were there.

    1. Funny that you should mention about ostrich in Mexico. We saw a couple of ostrich farms while we were touring around Mexico this winter. Didn't get a picture of them because it was while we were driving and I wasn't expecting to see them. One of them was between the MEX-15 and Villa Corona but I can't remember where the other one was. Have to say though, that we don't ever recall seeing ostrich meat in the supermarkets.

  5. It was a blue jeans and hoodie type of day!!! Nice country isn't it.

    1. We weren't that cold. Our mornings and evenings have been chilly the last couple of days but the day time temperature has been comfortable, not exactly shorts and t-shirt weather but a not jeans and hoodie type of day either.


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