Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Rhede, Germany.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Papenburg, Germany.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

A visit from the local Sheriff...

Had a quiet Friday night in Hamlin's sports park. We planned to set off at around 10:00am, and before we did so I checked the pressure in that one tire that we had repaired a few days ago. To my surprise it was zero. Yes, a big fat ZERO!

Bob came over to give me a hand and brought his bigger compressor. We figured we might be able to hear where it's leaking if we put some air in it. But as we took the wheel cover off, we quickly realized where it was coming from.

One of the valve extenders had totally come apart. The guy must have put it together with some stress on it. I had replaced the ones on the other side last year, so I'll have to pick up some more at some point. For the time being, we were able to get my small compressor attached to inner valve and we filled the tire. The tire repair itself definitely seems to be holding.

We hit the road towards the odd town of Guthrie. Ruth and I had overnighted in Guthrie back in 2015, and I remember at the time we had checked with the girl in the courthouse who had said "You could park anywhere in Guthrie and nobody will bother you."

Cowboy and horse statues with our rigs in behind.

We have often seen these giant arrows in the midwest

This tree is barely surviving the erosion.

We parked in a large empty lot by the highway and went for a walk up to the cemetery. I had seen on google satellite view that the cemetery had a fairly large parking lot and it was over a mile from the main highway.

We got to the cemetery and decided it would be perfect for a quiet night of boondocking.

Had a nap in the afternoon.

The four of us were sitting outside having happy hour when the local Sheriff drove up. One of the locals had called him and said "there's RVs up at the cemetery!". So Sheriff Mike said he would come up and have a look. Nice guy, and he said we could stay as long as we wanted. He hung around and talked for a few minutes and gave us some background on the area. I had said "the odd town of Guthrie" because it's not a normal town. The only people who live here are people who work on the huge 6666 Ranch, and people who work at the school. The school actually supplies housing for the teachers and other school employees. Apparently there are only 8 privately owned homes in the town.

I'm having an odd connection problem with my phone. I definitely think there's something wrong with it, but maybe it's just the tower in the area we're in. We'll see how it behaves as we move on. It's now just over three years old, and there has been noticeable deterioration in the battery. The battery can't be easily replaced. Maybe three years is the best you can expect out of a phone now anyhow. I guess it's almost an antique!

Today, we'll go for a morning walk and then head up to Childress where we can buy the cheapest gas in Texas!

Beautiful sunset last night.

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  1. I've not had good luck with valve extenders, gave up on them. The hose must not be allowed to touch anything, or a hole will wear at that spot.

    1. We have actually done very well with our valve extenders. Out of all of our years traveling in Sherman, Kevin has only had to replace the two extenders on the one side. The other side we have had no problems with until now and that was only because when the guy fixed the rear inside tire he didn't position the valve extender properly, otherwise it would have still be good. Not bad when you consider all the traveling that we have done over the years.

  2. Apparently Guthrie's claim to fame is a mention in Jack Kerouac's book On The Road...

    1. Don't know that book, but it obviously didn't bring them too much fame, lol. ;-)

  3. I have been following your travels the last 4 or 5 years and was surprised to see part of my family’s land in the first picture on the left. It is located out of Aspermont on the way to Guthrie. Sure makes me homesick.

    1. Yep, that is exactly where the picture was taken. Sorry that we made you homesick but hopefully it also brought back many good memories. :-)

  4. Replies
    1. That it is, but it has very friendly people. :-)


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