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Monday, March 2, 2020

Market day in Tlacalula

The Tlacalula market just east of Oaxaca city is a huge Sunday market that has been operating since before the Spanish arrived. Many of the indigenous people from the surrounding hills come here on Sundays to sell their goods and socialize.

A group of us hopped on the local bus at 9:00am to do the drive out to the town of Tlacalula.

We arrived at just before 10:00am and made our way through the market stalls that begin almost a full kilometer before the market building itself.

At the church, we made arrangements with the group to meet back there at noon if anyone wanted to come back with us. Otherwise, they were of course free to leave as the pleased or stay longer if they wished.

One section is devoted to bread.

This guy sells used hardware. 
Anybody need a screwdriver?

Tejate in the bowl on the left.

Fresh garlic.

Live turkeys and chickens for sale.

Spices and brooms and brushes.

(Sorry for the following picture quality. The camera had accidentally been put on the wrong setting. I fixed them as best I could, but they are not up to standard.)


The lady in charge of this stall thought it was funny that Ruth wanted a photo of her baskets.

Selling turkeys.

In this area, you buy the meat you want fresh from the stall on either side.
Then, you can cook it on the grills through the middle.

The 16th century church in the plaza.

Back at the campground by 1:00pm or so. We had bought some fruits and veggies and a roast chicken for dinner. Relaxing afternoon, but I puttered around Sherman and checked his tire pressure and oil etcetera to get him ready for today's drive.

Today, we make the fairly long drive up to Cholula. We had been tossing around the idea of taking the free road and splitting it into two days drive, but we are already a bit behind schedule so we will take the toll road and make it up to Cholula in one day.


And in Canada...


  1. Love to see the market and all for sale. Wish there were photos of more stalls to look at. So much to see in one picture. The photo of "Tejate in the bowl on the left" - child sleeping on the right:) She also has one of the market aprons on. The lady with the baskets - do you know if she makes them?

    1. We love the markets here in Mexico. They are always so full of beautiful colour and interesting things to see.

      I zoomed in closer on the little girl sleeping, we hadn't even noticed her when we were talking to the ladies and waiting for our drink, anyways the little girl is covered over with blankets so you can't even tell what she is wearing. I think it is one of the blankets that you see and mistook for an apron.

      No, I don't know if that lady made the baskets. We would have loved to have taken more pictures of the stalls but in this part of Mexico not all the local people want their picture taken so we don't like to be intrusive with our camera, also some of the pictures we took, didn't turn out well because the camera setting got changed accidentally and they were good enough to post.

    2. Sorry, the mother (?) had the market apron on (seen in the fourth picture down from that one). After all, you can only see her head. That's why I called her a child and not a little girl.

      I figured the camera setting you mentioned had something to do with not showing more. The ones after the setting changed have a different apppeal to them. One seems to show movement, one misty smoke and the last two, a quick look of people watching without staring or being intrusive. It's nice you are thoughtful about that.

  2. The markets never fail to impress me but this one took the cake for me. I would have loved to buy one or two of those aprons and baskets!

    1. You we with us last year when we went to this market, you should have bought those aprons and baskets then! This is definitely one of our favourite markets, it is always so busy and colourful. :-)


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