Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Near Harlingen, Netherlands.

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Saturday, March 7, 2020

February Expenses

Not a bad month, pretty much exactly as expected at $1,900 CAD ($1,415 USD).

We started the month in Cuernavaca and drove all the way to Ocozocoautla and back to Oaxaca so we actually did a fair bit of driving in February. So of course gasoline took up a fair chunk of our February expenses!

We ended up doing about 1,800 kms (1,116 miles) during the month.

Our route for the month of February.

Gasoline: We spent $775 CAD on fuel during the month. Gasoline is now more expensive here in Mexico than it is in Canada. Most places, we pay about 20 pesos per liter ($1.33 CAD per liter, $3.76 USD per gallon).

Toll Roads: We try to avoid most toll roads in Mexico, but sometimes it just makes sense. We spent $87 CAD on toll roads, and a big part of that was the route through the mountains between Cuernavaca and Acapulco.

Propane: We topped up the propane tank with $25 CAD worth of propane gas.

Groceries: We only spent $217 on groceries in February, but that was because we ate out... a lot during that month!

Meals out: I don't think we have ever eaten out so many times in one month. It can be really cheap to eat out in Mexico, and the food is delicious. We had a total 16 meals out during the month. Most of these were lunch meals, but we also had one breakfast out, and 5 dinners. The total cost for the two of us was $226 CAD. An average of $7 per meal per person. And that normally includes having at least one beer with the meal.

Alcohol: We spent $144 CAD on booze during he month. About average when we are traveling Mexico.

Miscellaneous: At $381 CAD a little higher than normal, but we sent a gift to Ruth's nephew and his wife who had their first baby, plus we donated $200 CAD to the orphanage.

Entertainment: Only $21 CAD for a few minor things.

Overnight: Our camping expenses are covered by the caravan.

Motorhome: Just a few small things for Sherman. Total was about $22.

Not a bad month. March should come in about the same, maybe a little cheaper.

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  1. Wow you did way better then us ;) Our expenses were $4155C less about $500 for vehicle repairs/maintenance. But then we did drive 7200kms! Argentina is very BIG but also very barren once in the Patagonia. Gas price is just over $1C in Argentina, and it was more in Chile (we drove there for 1 week in Feb)

    1. Yep, we spent a whole lot less. I can't even to begin to imagine traveling 7200kms in one month. Our whole 4 1/2 month trip in Mexico is only going to be around 6,500km! Glad you made it to the "End of the Earth" though. One day Kevin and I will do a trip like that. :-)


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