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Monday, March 9, 2020

Not every day you see something like this. Especially here in Mexico!

Sundays are a great day to explore downtown Puebla... there is so much going on!

So yesterday morning at 10:30am, we ordered some Uber taxis and took the group downtown to central Puebla.

We took the taxis to "the fort"... the Cinco de Mayo fortification that was so important in the famous battle of 1862.

First stop at the Puebla sign.
Roy, Sue, Ruth, Bob, Denise, Kevin, Jim, Aron, Garth, Owenita, Larry, and Martha!
(Roger and Mona were visiting local friends).

I set the camera on ten second timer to do that shot. I used those ten seconds to run as fast as I could from the camera to my seat in front of the sign... I only just made it!

The fort.

View of Puebla.

Fort Loreto, Puebla.

It was actually a decent museum inside the fort, explaining the battle of May 5, 1862.
Cinco de Mayo.

Mexico was victorious!

Once again, Popocatépetl volcano burping!

Scenery along the way.

We split up as a group and made our own way from the fort back down to the central area with a plan to meet up for lunch. 

Dragon mural.

Getting close to downtown Puebla.

Puebla is famous for its Talavera tile.

The Mujeres de Colores Festival is taking place right now.

"Mujeres de Colores". Women of color? Colorful Women? Not sure of the exact translation. But either way, we were going to see some very colorful women!

Central plaza in Puebla.

The cathedral.

This huge temporary thing was being built in front of the cathedral.
No idea of the significance.

We went to a street food market for lunch. Ten of us ate at one stall area... for a total cost including a drink of 850 pesos ($55 CAD, $40 USD).

My lunch was delicious!

I can't remember what it was called, but it was some kind of bun with chicken and avocado and lettuce. But it was the salsa that made it so delicious. That plate cost 35 pesos ($2.25 CAD, $1.65 USD)!

Having lunch.

Aron, Owenita, Bob, and Denise.

The entrance to the library. 

Mexican mounted police.

Some kind of parade going on.

Some of the group had gone on a hop on hop off bus tour of Puebla, while the rest of us went downtown and wandered around. There were quite a few buskers out doing their thing, so of course there was a lot of free entertainment if you were just out wandering around. 

In fact, we even came across Michael Jackson. By the way, his death was a total fake and he is obviously living out his life here in Puebla away from the crowds. He still likes to put on the occasional show though. We took a video for you...

After that, we sat at an outdoor cafe near the central plaza and had some drinks and watched the world go by.

We had agreed to meet up with everybody around 4:00pm and share the transportation costs back to the campground. Ruth went over to meet up with Jim, and along the way noticed a bit of an odd exposition going on.

Painted naked women.

Now, Mexico is a fairly conservative society. So it's a bit odd to see something like this happening, especially in the plaza directly opposite where the big cathedral is located. 

Ruth mentioned, it, and I though that I had better go and get some photos to properly showcase the whole thing for any interested blog readers.

Not surprisingly, quite a crowd had gathered. What was surprising, was that it was a wide variety of people. You would kind of expect a lot of men to be there watching this event, but there were a lot of men, women, and children. It was all very tastefully done. We are guessing this display had something to do with International Women's Day, but we would only be guessing.

We are moving on this morning after an enjoyable week in Cholula and Puebla area. We are headed north from here, but taking some back roads over the next two weeks or so and we are going into an area that doesn't have much in the way of RV park facilities. And we are doing it with a group of eight RV's... it's going to be an adventure!

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And in Canada...


  1. Awesome photos! Love the 'colorful women' probably for women's day celebration.

    1. Thank you Rita! Yes, the beautifully painted women were definitely part of the Women's Day celebrations.

  2. Nice city. And I promise I closed my eyes for the last few photo's!! Still loving your travels!! Travel safe.

    1. It is a great city, especially on a Sunday. There is always a lot of things going on and it is fun to see all the families out with their children. It has a very festive atmosphere on a Sunday.

      The women were so beautifully painted, no one there was adverting their eyes. :-)

  3. Replies
    1. It was very similar to a torta ahogada but it was definitely a little different and it had a different name to the dish on the menu.

  4. Beautiful city, beautiful painted ladies.


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