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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

This is why we come to Mexico

9:30am start for the group yesterday after a great week in the Cholula/Puebla city area. But, it's time to get back into the countryside.

As I mentioned yesterday, the next couple of weeks are going to be interesting. Not many RV'ers to Mexico visit the region through which we are headed. As such, there aren't many official RV camping areas and we kind of have to wing it.

But it's an area that Ruth and I have always wanted to visit. There are national parks and waterfalls and caves and beautiful scenery... but as I said, not many RV'ers!

Heading through Tlaxcala, the smallest state in Mexico.

Through the center of Apizaco.

And onto a nice toll road with hardly any traffic.

In this situation, it totally made sense to take the toll road. It was relatively inexpensive for the distance covered, and saved us going through quite a few congested urban areas.

Scenery along the way.

Yesterday's drive, 121 kms (75 miles).

We arrived at the turn off for the Tuliman Waterfalls. But there was no way to know if the parking area at the waterfalls was going to be suitable for an RV... let alone a group of 8 RV's!

So we got ourselves pulled into a handy gravel parking area close to the main road and I got into Sue and Roy's rig (our smallest unit in the group) and went on a scouting trip, leaving the others behind.

It turned out that the parking area would work... it was not ideal but would be okay for a night. So we went back to get the group.

As we were getting ready to go, a guy pulls up on a little motor scooter. 

He introduced himself as Josue, and welcomed us to the area. I explained that we wanted to see the waterfalls and go for a hike but that the parking wasn't ideal for us. He offered to take us to a place with better parking... he said it was beautiful and secure. But I didn't want to drag the group over a bunch of dirt roads to find out that it wasn't suitable for us... some other people aren't aware of tree branches and other obstacles that may be okay for a car, but not a motorhome.

So I hopped on the back of Josue's scooter and he took me there!

It turned out to be parking in his the little ejido village where he lives.

(Ejido, in Mexico, are village lands communally held in the traditional Indian system of land tenure that combines communal ownership with individual use. The ejido consists of cultivated land, pastureland, other uncultivated lands, and the fundo legal (townsite). In most cases the cultivated land is divided into separate family holdings, which cannot be sold although they can be handed down to heirs.)

But there were several areas he pointed out that would be suitable, and he really wanted to help. And, I had a good feeling about it.

So we went back and got the group and brought them about 2.5 kms (1.5 miles) on a dirt road to the village.

Heading down the dirt road into the hills.

Following Josue on his scooter.

Sue and Roy's rig on the left, and Jim on the right

One of the local dogs. 
There are a lot of dogs here, but we think he is the king!

Where Sherman is parked.

A local house for sale or rent.

Mona and Roger's rig on the left and Owenita and Aron's on the right.

Bob and Denise's, Garth's, and Larry and Martha's.

A little complicated to get everyone set up, but now that we are here it's great. Lots of beautiful scenery and walking areas.

Ruth and I decided to hike up to a little church on a hill.

Looking down on the town of Chignahuapan.

And the village of Ejido de Tuliman.

Most of the people in the village were totally welcoming, although I'm sure there were one or two who were wondering what was going on with all of these gringos and their RV's pulling in. We were quite a sight!

Some of them came over and joined our happy hour group!

Happy hour in the countryside!

One of the villagers offered to take us to see the ridge of the canyon... it is only a short walk away from where we are all parked...

We are going for a hike down there today!

Ruth with Adan.

Josue and Adan offered to take us in the evening down the road to his uncle's place. So around 7:30pm we got together and went for a walk.

At the uncle's property they have a cabin for rent. There are no cooking facilities because his wife will cook meals for you! It is called La Cabana de Los Adobes.

The cabin is made with adobe, South American style.
I didn't take any inside pics, but it was really just a couple of beds and a bathroom.
You can rent it by emailing [email protected]

Then, we were invited inside his house!

Some of the gang in the kitchen.

The wall is decorated with mugs!

More decorations.

The bathroom!

Josue's granddaughters in their bedroom.

Viviana and Alison with their cat.

This is why we come to Mexico. The people are so friendly and welcoming, and we enjoy interacting with the community.

Okay, gotta get ready for our hike!

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And in Canada...


  1. Wow! Excellent area for hiking and interacting with locals. Loved the little girls room(s). It's so clean and organized.

    1. It is a beautiful area with very friendly people. We are so happy to have made the stop here and yes, the hiking is excellent. :-)

  2. For me, this is a highlight of your trip. The canyon's edge is amazing.

    1. It is for us as well, although the whole Copper Canyon in Chihuahua and Mexiquillo in Durango were pretty amazing as well. Our trip is finishing off much like the way we started it. :-)

  3. We are finding the same thing about the people. If you take a little interest in them they will befriend you and do anything to make you comfortable. What a great country.

    1. We find that the majority of people in Mexico are fantastic, they are friendly and welcoming and ever so proud of where they live. We are really happy that we made this one of our stops. :-)


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