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Sunday, March 8, 2020

Bike ride in Puebla, and new dinette cushions for Sherman

(I posted February's expenses last night... you can read about it here... February Expenses.)

Eight of us set off at 9:00am yesterday for a bike ride into Puebla.

Puebla is a modern city of about 3 million people. It is located at an elevation of 7,000'. It's also one of the cleanest cities in Mexico... very little graffiti, and lots of green space. We purposely didn't go into the historical area itself since we are taking the group in there today. Plus, the "cyclopista" doesn't go into the central area.

We had to ride on a fairly busy road to begin with, but it had it's own cycling lane. Then, we got on the mostly elevated cyclopista that follows one of the major freeways around the city.

The cyclopista has biking lanes, and walking lanes.

Owenita, Aron, Roger, Ruth, Mona, Larry, Denise.

A bit of a hazy day in the city.

Tallest building in Puebla under construction.

There is lots of construction going on, with modern and interesting buildings.

This part of the cyclopista is noisy with lots of traffic around.

The Puebla Estrella (Star).

Ruth at the Puebla sign.

We wanted to go on the wheel, but it didn't open until 11:00am, so we went and explored a bit with the intention of coming back. The Puebla wheel only costs 40 pesos ($2.80 CAD, $2.00 USD) per adult! For comparison, the London Eye wheel costs £40 ($70 CAD, $52 USD). 

Athletic facility.

And they're off! 


Pretty area.

Scenery along the way. 

Ruth, Denise, Owenita, Mona, Aron, Roger.

Ready to board!

Roger, Mona, Denise, Kevin.

Ruth, Owenita, Aron.

Up we go!

View from the top.

So that was fun!

We separated ways at that point. Ruth and I wanted to be back at the campground by 1:00pm or so because we would have to have lunch and then pick up our new covers for Sherman's dinette at 2:000pm as well as picking up our laundry.

We took a bit of a different route back on a bike path that followed a small river. It was pretty scenery, but the river was a bit nasty... dark grey water, and stinky!

Another modern building.

Nice mural. 
Better than grafitti! Lots of signs advertising no graffiti allowed.

Ruth on the bike path.

Scenery along the way.

Elevated bike path.

Of course in a city that has a great year round climate it makes sense to have cycling and walking paths. 

We made it back to the campground at about 1:15pm. We had done about 33 kms (21 miles) and we were beat! Haven't been on the bikes in weeks, so we probably overdid it a little bit considering that, but we will survive.

We walked over to the upholstery shop and picked up the covers for our dinette cushions. Ready on schedule, and we paid the second half of the total 1,300 peso ($90 CAD, $65 USD) bill.

This is what the original 1995 era seat cushions looked like.

These are the cushions Ruth made about ten years ago!

The old covers were falling apart. 

The new ones!

Very happy to add some color to the dinette area. 

Today, we take the group into historical Puebla. Lots going on the central area on a Sunday, so it should be a fun day!


And in Canada...


  1. Definitely one of the cleaner cities that you've been to.
    I Like the elevated Bike Paths.
    The new covers really brighten up Sherman's interior.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. I think most of the cities that we have been in are quite clean, it is once you get out of the central part that you often see more litter and graffiti, and yes, this one is a little cleaner than others in that respect. The bike trails here are amazing, especially going down the middle of the freeway and often they have nice paths going down the middle of busy streets too. It is a nice way to make biking so much easier and safer.

      Sherman loves his new dinette covers. :-)

  2. That Puebla Wheel is really something! The new cushion covers look nice. Gives the area some spice. Probably past due.

    1. It was fantastic, too bad it was a little bit too hazy to get really good views though. The price was amazing! :-)

      We agree, they add some colour to the inside of Sherman, something that he was lacking. We are really happy with them.

  3. The new seat covers are a huge improvement! Are you still using the original foam? When we bought our motorhome, Pearl, in 2016, she was 9 years old, so one of the things we did that first year is have all new cushions made with much denser foam, as the old ones were "plumb give out", as someone might say in the southern US! The more supportive foam made a huge difference -- no more aching buns! Unfortunately the fabric we chose, a very pretty grass green organic cotton, faded really fast in the sunshine coming through the windows, since we spent so much time in Florida. But we got a great price on it, and the foam would outlive the fabric.

    One more question: How long is that lovely bike path? Looks great! We would love to visit Pueblo one day with our folding bikes and ride it, so just curious of its total length. Loved seeing you folks out and about on bicycles! :-)

    1. They sure are. We are very pleased with them. Yes, they still have the original foam. We left the original covers on the foam cushions because they are actually sewn right into the foam so the covers were made to cover the whole lot, because of that I think it has helped to keep the foam much denser. We had thought of using new foam but Sherman is getting pretty old and we really aren't sure how much longer we will keep him so it really isn't worth spending more money than necessary, especially when the old foam is still in pretty good shape.

      It depends on where you want to go. The main elevated path that goes in between the freeway is about 6km in length but once we got off of that we went straight on to another one and you can do that in a number of different places. Unfortunately we weren't able to find a good bike path that took us right into downtown Puebla from Cholula. There might be one but the "scotting party" couldn't find one. It really is a good area for biking. As Kevin mentioned we did 33km (21mi) return trip and the majority of that was all on bike paths.

    2. Thanks! Hope we get to check it out one day. Enjoy the rest of your caravan!

    3. We really hope you make the effort to go to both Puebla and Cholula, they are definiely worth the trip.

      We have three weeks left of the caravan and like the beginning of the caravan, they are going to be some of the best of our entire trip. :-)


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