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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

September Expenses

Well, it was by no means a cheap month, but it did come in pretty much where we expected it to... so there were no real surprises. We always spend more money visiting "home" than we do when we're traveling!

We spent a total of $2,731 CAD ($2,060 USD) for the month.

Here are all the details...

(The following figures are all in Canadian dollars. For U.S. dollar equivalent you can subtract about 25%.)

Gasoline: Good thing we have a little gas miser vehicle for our time here. We still spend $187 on fuel.

Grocery: Considering the shelves and the fridge here at Ruth's dad's house were totally bare empty when we arrived, we did pretty good in the grocery department coming in at $523 for the month. Not bad at all.

Alcohol: Again, not bad, at $193. Looking at our historic figures, that seems to be about the average for a month of drinking in Canada.

Miscellaneous: A total of $427. Most of that ($383) was to repair our camera.

Entertainment: $181 in total. Again, about as expected. We always try to get together with friends for a meal or a drink out when we return to Ottawa.

Overnight: September the 1st was spent at Red Pine Camp with the grandkids, and my weekend away with the boys. Came to a total of $436.

Travel: I always put car rentals into this category. September's car rental bill was $782. Pricey, but sometimes there just isn't a deal to be had. Trust me, I explored all of the options!

October, we are be back in travel mode for part of the month as we head down to Ecuador on the 13th. Even with paying for flights and accommodation it will end up being a much cheaper month than September was!

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