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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Five Things to Do When You Have Just a Couple of Days at Home

Does it seem like you are constantly travelling? Maybe you have a job that requires you to be on the road at all times, travelling outside the country and even continent. Then again, maybe you just really enjoy travelling and try to book trips as often as possible. While the travelling part may be fun, exciting, and busy, it doesn’t leave you much time at home. When you are at home, that means you need to scramble to fit everything in before you’re off on your next trip.

To help you manage your time a little better, here’s a look at the top five things to do when you have just a couple days at home.

Get Caught Up on Your Banking

Just because you are out of the country, doesn’t mean the bills stop rolling in. During those few precious days at home, you’ll want to take the opportunity to get caught up on your banking, paying any outstanding and possible upcoming bills so those worries are off your plate. Thanks to online banking, you can do this from home very quickly and easily.

Inspect the Inside and Outside of Your House

Homeowners will also want to take time to do a full inspection of their house – both inside and outside. You want to know that your house is safe and secure while you’re away, so look for any potential areas of concern. This can include broken locks on doors, areas that provide cover to potential thieves around the yard (clip back bushes and keep the outdoors well lit), look for any areas that could result in water damage, check that your furnace and A/C are working properly, and so forth.

Get into the Travel Clinic

If your trips take you outside of the country, then it is absolutely essential to be aware of travel health risks and concerns that exist in various destinations. It may be necessary for you to get vaccinated before you leave, or take medicine while you’re gone.

The best plan is to consult with a licensed physician, such as those at the Ottawa’s Downtown Travel Medicine Clinic, who are experienced in all things travel-medicine related. They can assess your current health, provide you with advice that is specific to the destination you are travelling to, and help ensure that you are well-protected.

Do a Good Clean Out of the Fridge

The last thing you want to do is head out on vacation with all kinds of food that could go bad sitting in your fridge. That will not be a pleasant surprise to come home to. Now is the time to do a good clean out and get rid of any items that will turn bad while you’re gone. Make sure that anything you throw out actually goes outside in a garbage bin, rather than sitting indoors in the trash rotting away while you’re gone.

Work Your Way through Your Laundry

This is also the opportunity to work your way through your laundry. There’s a good chance you’ll need at least some of those items for your next trip, so you won’t want to put it off. A good plan of attack is to start by sorting all your clothes by colour so you can get an idea of how many loads you’ve got ahead of you.

You’re Ready for the Next Trip

And just like that, those few days you had at home will fly by, but at least when you follow these tips you’ll feel as though you accomplished a lot in a short time.