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Saturday, October 26, 2019

A rare evening out...

Yesterday was a rest day. We didn't leave the apartment until after lunch when we made our way down to the central area to pick up some more supplies.

There is a small archaeological museum at the central plaza, so we paid the 5 soles ($2 CAD, $1.50 USD) entrance fee per person and went to see what there was to see.

We've been to a lot of archaeological museums, so we tend to avoid them unless the cost is low, which in this case it was. We've said before that you can only look at so many pieces of broken pottery.

But this one was worth a short visit for the price we paid.

This is a funny little dude!

Part of this museum was outdoors.

A nice garden.

Lots of small statues.

Yikes. This mummy would make a good Halloween display!

How they made textiles a few thousand years ago.

The museum also gave us some more ideas of some of the things to see over the next week. Today, we are going to the Chavín de Huántar Archaeological Site. Of course many people go to the Machu Picchu site here in Peru, but there are many other significant sites that are less famous. They actually say that the Chavin ruins are more culturally significant as they predate the Inca ruins by almost 2,000 years.

Another beautiful day in Huaraz, Peru.

We had informed our Airbnb host Madeley, that we wanted to stay longer than our original 7 days. In fact, we decided that there is enough to see in the area that we would stay another 8 days and go directly back to Lima in time for our flight back to Canada on November 3rd. Fortunately, she had not yet booked anybody else for the apartment.

We invited her to go out for dinner with us. She is a friendly girl and had offered to talk to us about any local things to do. So last night she took us downtown to a nice restaurant with Peruvian food.

I had the house specialty... Lomo Saltado de Especial.
A type of beef stir fry. Delicious!

Ruth had the trout and we shared a big bowl of potato soup with egg and cheese.

Our new friend Madeley had chicken gizzards! Not normally our thing, but Ruth and I each had a taste and it was quite good! We also shared a big salad and a bottle of wine.

We were stuffed! The total bill for all three of us for all that food including tip and a bottle of wine in a fairly upscale restaurant was 115 soles ($45 CAD, 35 USD).

Kevin, Madeley, and Ruth.

Madeley is a civil engineer here in Huaraz. Her boyfriend is actually the one who owns the apartment we are staying in, and he is a mining engineer who is away at the mine site a lot.

During the meal, we talked about staying another 8 nights. We bypassed the Airbnb website in this case. Better for both us and her, and came to an agreement for 700 soles ($274 CAD, $210 USD) for the next 8 nights. Good deal for everybody involved (except Airbnb, of course!)

Madeley offered to take us to a nearby hotel where her cousin is a singer in a small band. We don't often have an evening out, so happily took her up on the offer.

Fancy hotel!

The entertainers.

The local dog, sitting at a table with other guests!

What a fun night we had with Madeley and her friends. Made it home by 11:30pm or so, but up fairly early this morning... we are taking another tour bus to the Chavin ruins and have to be ready by 8:45am!

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And in Canada...



  1. Thanks for taking us along - really enjoying seeing Peru!!

    1. So glad that you are enjoy the "ride" with us! :-)

  2. I love it when you're invited to restaurant or other events by the locals. I'd ask her if there are other places of interest to visit in Peru that are off the beaten path. I'm following three cyclist traveling through Peru and wow nothing like seeing nature up close. Beautiful country.

    1. We didn't get invited out, we did the inviting but it was nice to spend time with Madeley and learn more about her, her family and more about Peru.

      We asked her more about things to see in the area which she helped us out with but we didn't really ask about the rest of Peru because on this trip we won't be going any further than this area as there is a lot to see here to keep us busy until we head back to Lima.

  3. Nice! What a lovely evening for a night out with your host and getting a taste of a bit of night life. Great price for a dinner out for three in a fancy place. The museum was interesting. Thanks again for sharing.

    1. It was a lovely evening out with Madeley. It isn't often that we go to a bar in the evening, and even better when we can spend it with some of the local people.

      For a little museum it was interesting and the price was right.


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