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Monday, October 28, 2019

Not the best lunch

We made a plan to go for a hike up to a mirador (lookout) overlooking the city of Huaraz. We sent a note to our new friends Luca and Lara and asked if they wanted to join us. We met them at their hostel around 10:00am and set off up the hill.

It was about a 3 km (1.8 mile) hike up the hill. But most of it was through the city itself, so it really didn't start to become scenic until we got quite a lot higher up.

The day started off with a fair bit of blue sky and sunshine, but by the time we reached the top it had begun to cloud over.

This old home has a beautiful garden in front.

Starting to get a view.

Made it to the top at just before noon.

We sat at the top, had a snack, and enjoyed the view for a while. Lots of easy conversation with Luca and Lara, but then it's easy to talk about travel with other travelers!

Ruth and Lara.
Luca is camera shy!

There were a couple of artists doing their thing at the mirador.

There is Luca!

Nice view of the city of Huaraz.
Oh look, there is Luca again!

Huaraz, Peru. Population 118,000.

We walked back down a different route.

We heard some music playing and came across this party going on!

I took a video for you... turn up your volume!

Not sure what this particular party was in celebration of, but there are a lot of religious events going on this week including national holidays on both Thursday and Friday. Our Airbnb host Madeley had said that there would be quite a few fiestas going on this week.

We made our way back to the center and we were looking for somewhere to have a late lunch. Who better to ask than a group of local policemen? They directed us to a very busy restaurant where we had a hard time getting a table. And when we did, they took forever to get it cleared of the dirty dishes from the last party who used the table. When we finally got some service, it turned out they were running out of food choices.

Partly our fault because we were a bit late for the lunch crowd. But, the staff were obviously overwhelmed.

Not the best lunch experience and I did not take any photos!

After that, we wandered around the central area and found a place for ice cream.

Nice looking ice cream!

Ruth and I shared a large cup of coconut ice cream for 3 soles ($1.20 CAD, $0.90 USD). Yummy!

Not sure what's going on today. Neither one of us slept very well last night, so I can picture some nap time in the plans for today. Tomorrow though, we hope to go on a mountain hike up to lake along with Luca and Lara.

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  1. The ice cream looks delish. My advice to young folks is to not get married to stuff and go out and enjoy life by traveling. I'm glad to see many young folks out doing just that. It opens their horizon to many, many, things i.e. culture, language, food, geography, history, art, and so much more. Travel is a great tool for education.

    1. The ice cream was very good, we really enjoyed it.

      We agree, it is great to see the young people out there traveling and learning more about the world before settling down to school or a job. Traveling is a good education for sure.

  2. Why would you need supper if you had Ice Cream!!! I live on Ice Cream all summer!! Love your travels. We think of you guys lots as we are travelling in Mexico right now. We are grateful that you have made us feel comfortable travelling here and we are absolutely loving the country and the people. No regrets!!

    1. Yes, ice cream is definitely a major food group, lol!

      We are so happy that you are enjoying your first time driving in Mexico. You will enjoy spending your winter there, we have no doubt. I am glad that we were able to give you the information through our blog and through our conversations to make you feel comfortable with your decision. Have fun this winter! :-)


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