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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Rainy day and Sherman has some new LED light bulbs!

Well it was a dreary, wet, miserable day yesterday. But we didn't let that stop us... we had fun anyhow! Sure glad that we weren't driving anywhere in the motorhome though.

Barry and Connie took us out for breakfast. Just a local diner. It seems everywhere we go, they bump into someone they know!

After breakfast they took us for a drive in the pickup truck and showed us some sights in the area. They own several pieces of property and when you leave town you don't have to go far and you're out in the bush. This area of Pennsylvania has mountains, and lots of hiking trails.

No blue sky to be had yesterday.

Covered bridge to nowhere.

Had to put it in four wheel drive to visit this property.

Muddy trail.

Beautiful even with the cloudy day.

They took us up into the Bald Eagle State Forest and showed us a spot where we can go hiking today. Looks like a much nicer day, but still windy. We'll take it!

Coming back up here today to go for a hike.

Hey, this is a great boondocking spot!

Bear hunting season started yesterday, but there is no hunting allowed on Sunday. So we should be safe from the hunters when we're up on the trails. I hope we're safe from the bears too!

On the way back down from the mountains, we found a great way to spend a rainy afternoon. Sitting in a bar!

Connie and Barry.

Later on back at the house, it was like Christmas!

I had ordered a whole bunch of stuff from Amazon over the last couple of months and Connie and Barry had said it was okay to have it shipped here for us to pickup. There were a lot of boxes!

Our loot!

I'll tell you about each item over the next couple of days. Yesterday afternoon I installed Sherman's new water saving on-off showerhead. I'll give you a review once we use it!

And I bought a bag of LED lights. We've been using the old style lights because 1) we really don't have a shortage of battery power and 2) I was waiting for LED lights to become cheap. I think they're at that point now when I can buy a bag of 20 bulbs for $17 ($22 CAD). Here are the ones I bought...

It took some time to change the bulbs in all 19 of Sherman's interior light fixtures! The light is a slightly different color than what we're used to, and the bulbs don't give off quite as much light as the old 921 style incandescent. However... you can put all 19 of them on and I don't think they use as much energy as a single one of the old style bulbs. It's actually amazing. I watch my voltage meter and if you turned on two or three of the old bulbs, you can watch the voltage drop. But with these ones, you honestly have to turn all of them on to see any drop. So now, we don't have to worry about lights using up our battery power.

And you might notice a new pair of hiking boots in the photo. My old Merrells aren't that old... maybe a year and a half. But we put a lot of miles on them, and they won't last another couple of months. These one's were on sale... regular $140 ($183 CAD) on sale for $90 ($118 CAD)... so I bought them.

Breakfast is almost ready... gotta go. Enjoy your Sunday!

All of Amazon's Fire Tablets are on Black Friday Deals Week... big price drops!

And in Canada...(almost half price!)


  1. Watch that shower head. It is easy to forget to turn off the actual taps after your shower and that allows the hot and cold water systems to mix, leaving you with only warm water in your hot water system. Turn off the taps after your shower. I know!

  2. Those new LEDS will also put out little or no heat.

    1. That will be good for us when we hit the nice warm climates but not so good for us now up here in the north, lol! ;-)

  3. Would love to know the history of the bridge to nowhere, must be a story there somewhere:)

    1. Looks like Dee just answered your question in her comment below. :-)

  4. Since I'm a history nut, I looked up what history is available on the bridge. It is somewhat famous as it is included in the published Guide to the Covered Bridges of Pennsylvania. Dreese's Covered Bridge (more commonly referred to as Beavertown Covered Bridge) was built in 1870 and rehabilitated in 2001 and located in Snyder County, PA. It spans Middle Creek, is only open to pedestrian traffic, and is owned and maintained by the county. The Old Covered Bridge Road leading to and crossing the old bridge has been redirected to a more modern parallel bridge, hence the reason for now being called "the bridge to nowhere."

    1. Thanks for looking that up and letting us know Dee. It now saves me the trouble of doing it. I am glad that they restored the old bridge because I love covered bridges and they did a lovely job on this one. :-)

    2. Dee, I’m glad you are a history nut! I found what you posted to be very interesting. There sure are tons of covered bridges in PA.

  5. In your general future direction, I recommend Marietta, Ohio. Marietta was the first European settlement west of the Appalachians, and by appearances was a very prosperous town 175 or so years ago. There are some really fine old residential neighborhoods and a nice riverfront downtown. Also, a couple of hours down the river in Gallipolis, there's free RV parking just below the city park along the river (38.806202, -82.204946). All this is on the Old River scenic road along the Ohio river.

    1. Unfortunately we aren't headed quite in that direction. From here we will be going a little more south before going southwest. It sounds like a pretty little spot and very interesting so we will have to try to remember this for the next time that we will be in that area. Thank you for the suggestion.

    2. Kevin, has actually had a better look and decided that we would make the diversion over there after all, so thanks again for the heads up and the co-ordinates for the boondocking spot. :-)

  6. Offer still stands to park at our place in southwest Arkansas. We are just a few miles from a diamond mind where you get to keep what you find. Crater of Diamonds state park. Would love to meet you.

    1. Thank you so much for your generous invitation Julie but unfortunately it is a little to far off the route that we have planned. We will be doing the Natchez Trace Parkway and will be too far east and south of you. :-( Perhaps another time.

  7. Hi! Do you know where the covered bridge to nowhere is located; I'd like to know. Blessings, Lynn

    1. It is just outside of Beavertown, PA on Covered Bridge Road and the coordinates are 40.775532, -77.145158.


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