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Monday, November 6, 2017

Go Karting at 50 mph at Bushy Park Racetrack, Barbados

Well yesterday was another fun day!

I love go-karts. And when you get a chance to drive a really fast one, it's a big thrill for me.

The Bushy Park Go Karts in Barbados has go-karts that get up to 80 km/h (50 mph) on the straightaways. When you're only sitting an inch off the ground, that's fast!

We took the public bus to get there. In fact, because it was a Sunday, the 9A bus departed Fairchild Station right on time, and we actually got to the track a few minutes earlier than necessary.

Good thing we were early though because the bus actually dropped us off at the north entrance, which happened to be closed. So we had to walk around to the south.

Kevin, ready for race day!

Main entrance at arrow.

We got registered with Dillon, who then guided us in to a room to watch a safety video. They have a couple of pricing sessions, with a ten minute ride going for $70 BBD ($46.20 CAD, $35 USD). You can also do an enduro race for double that price, but you need five participants.

Dillon, at the registration desk!

Watching the safety video.

The go-karts have a Honda GX270 engine... 270cc, with 9 HP, giving them a top speed on the straightaway of 80 km/h (50 mph). Pretty decent acceleration and braking too. There is definitely enough power there that these are not your basic "put the pedal to the floor and go" go karts! 

Bubblehead Ruth, with the safety gear on.

The kart looks so small!

But the seat and pedals are adjustable so that pretty much any size person will be comfortable.
Ready to go!

Obviously when we were racing, we couldn't take any photos. However, they allowed me to do a slow lap around the track with the camera, so I took a one lap video for you!

That was at about half speed, with only one hand on the steering wheel! Driving at full speed, you definitely need both hands on the wheel. In fact, it's hard work. At first, I thought ten minutes would go by quickly, but my arms and shoulders were getting tired after ten minutes of hard racing.

Each kart has a transponder in it, and so they keep track of your lap times. So even though it was just Ruth and I on the track, you are essentially racing yourself as you attempt to set a best lap time.

Lap time souvenir. Best lap time is in bold.

I loved it. Ruth had fun too, but says "I was just trying to make it safely around the track"! Dillon said my best lap time was "definitely good for your first time on the track", so I'm pleased with that!

I won, but then there were only two of us on the track!

I took a few photos of another couple who showed up after us...

Lots of fun, and something different that you maybe wouldn't normally think of doing during a visit to Barbados. We had a blast! Thanks to Dillon, and race marshals Maurice and Colin for providing a safe and fun karting experience!

You can even upgrade...they do driving experiences with real race cars as well...


  1. What a fun time, it has been a lot of years since I drove a go cart, always a rush.

  2. Something tells me that Kevin has had some "racing" experience somewhere in his past! I grew up with a lot of guys who did! First, it was drag racing on country roads which, in turn, gave way to legal stock car racing!

    That race track must be packed during tourist season. Even if you didn't do any driving, it would be fun to watch. Good thing to enjoy as a change of pace from too much beach time.

    1. Kevin has no racing experience at all but he has always loved cars and they have almost always been part of his life so I guess it is something that he just has a natural ability for.

      The track hosts several different kinds of races as well as the go-karting. I believe that Bushy Park has at least 3 different tracks depending on what is racing at the time.

  3. Replies
    1. It was definitely a lot of fun. Kevin loved it!

  4. Woo hoo! I love go kart racing and so happy you got to experience it in Barbados. We raced go karts last summer when in Greece with some colleagues...all Australians (we are Americans). Those little buggers were fast and yes, after 10 minutes, you're exhausted (and I was feeling sick from the exhaust)! lol Fun times and a memory you two will always have!

    1. Yep, they sure are a lot of fun. It would have been even more fun/interesting if they had been more people on the track with us but in my case I was quite happy there wasn't! ;-) 10 minutes was definitely enough for us, especially for our first time out on them.


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