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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Gluten free lunch, and Southern Lights

Spent some time yesterday cleaning up Sherman. We had gone on some wet dirty roads before arriving here and he needed a sponge bath before we could carry on!

Plus, I've got a few motorhome improvement jobs lined up for when we're parked up for any length of time, so I got one of them done yesterday as well.

Sometime in October, I noticed that Sherman's porch light had a hole in it!

Hmm. Water is sure to get in there!

I have no idea how long it's been like that. Never noticed it until then. Anyhow. he needed a new one so when I was shopping for them I picked one that came with an LED bub in it. Occasionally in the past I have made the mistake of leaving the porch light on overnight, and with the old style bulbs that tended to drain the battery a bit. Now with an LED bulb it won't be as much of a problem should I forget to turn it off!

This is the one I bought...

There... that's better!

Unfortunately, due to the design of the wiring, it wouldn't fit in the old location. I'll have to get some goo gone and clean off the old residue and fill those two holes.

We were invited out for lunch yesterday! Had received a note from one of the couples that we are going to be touring Mexico with, and it turns out they live just outside Lexington. Mark and Barb came and picked us up and brought us to a place she used to work at. 

Gluten Free Miracles.

Barb also eats gluten free, and she used to work and this little bakery and cafe. It's called Gluten Free Miracles. So nice to be able to eat anything on the menu!

I had a BLT sandwich and chips.

So, we spent the lunch hour talking about Mexico! Now we have met two of the couples that we're going to be traveling with. We're really looking forward to the trip. It's going to be such an adventure for the people who have never RV'd in Mexico.

All gluten free!

So, that was really nice. Thanks for lunch Barbara and Mark.... looking forward to seeing you again in five weeks or so!

In the evening, we went with our Lexington friends to the Kentucky Horse Park north of the city. They have a special Southern Lights presentation at this time of year and it's really popular. Good to be able to go on a weeknight when it's not so busy.

Entrance to the Southern Lights.

Ladies milking.

Lords a leaping.

Drummers drumming.

Cowboys camping? Okay.

Following other vehicles.

After you drive through 3 miles (5 kms) of lights, you end up at the parking area where they have some indoor stuff going on, and the kids can visit with Santa. They also have a pretty good petting zoo, and a mini train ride. All included for $15 USD ($19.65 CAD)per carload. Not  bad deal!

Ruth, saying hi to the camel.

This alpaca was so funny. A face only a mother could love...

Us, on the train ride!

Man O' War grave site and statue all lit up.

We're back on the road today! Heading down to Daniel Boone National Forest to do some boondocking and hiking for a day or two. No plans, and nowhere to have to be, so we'll just play it by ear! 

Today only, save 30% on a Marpac White Noise Machine...

And in Canada...


  1. That gluten free food looks so good! Enjoyed the Southern Lights show. It's interesting to see how the holidays are celebrated in different areas.

    1. The food at the restaurant was delicious and it was so nice to go in there and know that we could eat anything that was for sale in there.

      The Southern Lights were really gorgeous to look at. A lot of work goes into putting these kinds of displays up. And it seems that more and more cities and towns are doing displays like this. When we were in St. Albans, WV they had one as well but it was a little to far away for us to get to.

  2. Wow that horse is pretty buff!

    1. He should be a pretty buff horse because he is still known to be one of the greatest racehorses to have ever lived. To this day he still has one of the longest recorded strides of any racehorse if not the longest.

  3. All bundled up in Lexington! The light show reminds me a bit of Disney's Main Street Electrical Parade -- fun!

    1. We were only bundled up at night, the daytime temperature as beautiful! :-)

  4. Love the restaurant and wish that there were more like it around. What a great Christmas family fun thing to do.

    1. We really enjoyed it. It would be nice to have more around but with time I am sure that will happen. This is the second place within a month that we were able to eat everything on the menu. :-)


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