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Monday, November 13, 2017

Barbados rough north coast

Our last day touring Barbados and we finally made it up to the rough north coast. Cliffs and caves and wind where the Atlantic Ocean crashes into the rocks.

Our couchsurfing host Eric was headed out anyhow, and he gave us a drive up to Archers Bay where we could then walk to Animal Flower Cave and the cliffs along the north coast.

Archers Bay is a little cove surrounded by rock cliffs. They've built a concrete stairway to get down there and it's labeled as public beach access. Apparently popular with locals to come for a picnic, but this particular Sunday there was nobody there but us.

Ruth at Archers Bay

Archers Bay.

We tried to hike out of Archers Bay heading east up the cliff. It kind of looked like there might have been a path at one time, but it quickly became overgrown and we had to turn around. We decided to walk on the road for 4.5 kms (2.8 miles) to get to Animal Flower Cave.

Scenery along the way.

Another few feet, and Ruth noticed what would have been a beautiful photo. The horses were calmly eating the green grass, with a flock of egrets drinking from the pond. But as I raised my hands up to take the photo, I scared the birds, which in turn scared the horses... and this is what I ended up with...

Too funny. Oh well!

We were walking along the road and a taxi van pulled up beside us. We think the driver thought we were lost or something. You just don't see people walking along the side of the road here... especially people who look like tourists! He already had four people with him. He asked where we were staying, and why we were walking. I don't really think he was trying to get another fare, because we found out later that these people had him booked for the day. I think he was just curious!

Arrived at Animal Flower Cave. Lots of tourists around. We didn't pay the $20 BBD ($10 USD, $13.20 CAD) each to go into the cave. We had read that it's really not that good, and I think some of our readers had mentioned the same thing.

Instead, we were more interested in just watching the waves crash in.

Me, on the cliffs!

Ruth, watching the waves.

Ruth took a video for you. Kind of neat watching the waves crash in and the waterfalls off the rocks when the waves recede. 

After Ruth took that video, the same people who had been in the taxi showed up. They couldn't believe we got there so quickly! They were from Montreal. Seemed like fun people, and they invited us to join them in their van for the rest of the day. "It's already paid for, and we have empty seats". But we had come up here specifically to do the cliff walk, so we politely declined. Too bad, because I think they would have been fun!

Ruth, on the bridge!

Big waves.

I took a video of Ruth watching the big waves...

Scenery along the way.

One or two local surfers trying their luck here.

We found some shade and sat to rest and have a snack. All of a sudden, a few feet away some goats came around by the wall. And some more goats. And more...

Here come the goats!

And bringing up the rear was the goat herder, carrying a little baby. We think it was pretty young, and the mom was right there as close as could be. 

And there they go!

We made it as far as River Bay and walked up to Hope Road to catch the bus. They only run every hour on  Sundays, and we think we must have just missed one. We waited with a group of local ladies for about 45 minutes until one finally came along.

We had planned on stopping at the Cafe Moya at Holetown for another yummy gluten free lunch, but we were late by this time and it had already closed for the day. So we simply carried on all the way to Bridgetown and took a ZR van home.

So, this is our last morning in Barbados. We will go for one last walk on the beach, and perhaps a swim in the ocean and then head to the airport after lunch. Later tonight we will be back in cold Canada. But that's okay! We'll be sleeping in Sherman tonight, and we're excited to be starting our two year motorhome adventure!

Next post will be coming to you from Ottawa!

This wireless weather station just dropped in price...

And in Canada...


  1. Thanks for the great pictures and the tour of Barbados! Have a good flight.

    1. You are most welcome, it was our pleasure! We enjoyed every minute of it. :-)

  2. Well, that was a great time. Have a safe flight home to Sherman, let the adventure begin!

    1. It was a great time! We saw just about everything we wanted to see and I think we did a pretty good job of covering the whole island. Our favourite area was definitely the north coast and the east coast, less touristy and more natural.

      The new adventure will begin in another day or so! :-)

  3. It is never too sad when you always have another adventure to look forward to! Enjoy and welcome back to winter here in Canada!

    1. So true and boy are we sure looking forward to our new adventures and being back on the road and in Sherman! :-)

  4. I can't get over the water...just gorgeous! Can't wait to follow your next adventure. Safe travels!

    1. I know, we loved the colour of the water and every time we saw we always mention how gorgeous it was!

      Hope you will enjoy the adventure as much as we will. :-)

  5. Oh my gosh....I love all today's photos. There are several that I would frame. What a gorgeous country!

    1. I know, I loved them too. I am so happy that we left the north coast for our last big day. We truly enjoyed our hike along there and the cliffs, water, waves and scenery were fantastic!

  6. Looking forward to joining you on your travels to Mexico. Loved looking at Barbados. How great this Couchsurfing turned out and the wonderful host Eric was. I’m going to look up Couchsurfing in Norway.

    1. We really love couchsurfing and not so much for the money saving side of it but for the real local feel of the area and knowing more about the culture of the country or area that we are visiting, It is really the best way to experience the life there and we learn so much more from this type of travel.

  7. Replies
    1. You would love the country itself but you would not like the prices there. If you thought Canada was expensive then you would find this almost prohibitive.


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