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Saturday, November 4, 2017

A blast on the Jammin' Barbados Catamaran Snorkeling Cruise

Up early yesterday morning and it was pouring rain! But fortunately, the rain stopped by the time we were outside. We hopped on one of the small minibuses for the short ride to Bridgetown.

Jammin Catamaran Cruise Barbados leaves from the very first dock at the entrance to the south side of the river port at Bridgetown. Because we had never been there, we left ourselves lots of time to find the right dock... we didn't want to be late for the fun and games!

Here's a map. If you're walking, you need to enter through the parking lot at Pier Head Lane...

Map to Jammin' Catamaran dock.

Jammin' is a big 63 foot catamaran!

Boarding began right at 8:30am. The last thing you do before boarding is to remove your footwear. Only bare feet allowed on board! They put all your footwear (most people were wearing sandals anyhow) in a big bucket, and you don't see it again until you disembark after the cruise!

As you're waiting for any last minute stragglers, the crew is getting things ready to sail. And, they've got fresh coffee, tea, or juice ready for you, along with some breakfast snacks. 

If you want something stronger, they joked that the bar opens at nine thirsty!

Help yourself to fresh coffee, tea, or juice while waiting to depart.

We had one group that was late arriving, but we still managed to get underway at about 9:20am. 

A couple of cruise ships were in port.

Relaxing on the ride to the first snorkeling spot.

Hey, that's me!

We passed another catamaran. 
The Jammin' is fast!

We got to the first snorkeling spot at about 10:00am. You're given about 30 minutes, which doesn't sound like a lot of time but it's really only a popular spot because they feed the turtles there... there is not much of a reef, so not really many other fish to see.

They hand out masks and snorkels to everybody, as well as snorkeling flotation vests to those who want them.

One thing we were really impressed with is how much they help those who aren't very good swimmers. The crew makes sure that everyone has a good time!

In the water, looking back at the Jammin'!



We had been in the water about 15 minutes and hadn't seen any turtles. As with any wildlife viewing, it's hit or miss if you're not in a zoo! But then we heard one of the guys yelling "TURTLE"... and we swam over to have a look...

Yep, that's a turtle!

Definitely neat to see.

But, there was only one of them this time around. So at least we got to swim with "a" turtle!

They got everybody back on the boat for a short trip over to another spot where there is are two purposely sunk shipwrecks and a reef.

While we're headed over there, the crew is constantly making sure you're happy. "Do you need a drink?' Many people got started on that early, but we were pacing ourselves! They had two kinds of rum punch, cold Banks beer on tap, white wine, mixed hard liquor drinks... all inclusive.

Ruth, ready to go back in the water.

I decided I had enough snorkeling for one day. I'm not much of a water person. So I stayed on board along with a few others. Ruth took the underwater camera with her...

Yep, that's a shipwreck!

Little blue fishes.


Lots of fish!

Snorkeling at the shipwreck was about 45 minutes. Around 11:30am, we headed over to a quiet spot where they started getting lunch ready. By this time, the drinks were flowing and the music was playing! I was enjoying a few cold beer, and Ruth had a rum punch or two.

They had even asked us when we booked about food allergies or special diets. So we were pretty happy to see that they accommodated us and our gluten allergies. They'll even do vegetarian or vegan.


Getting the lunch buffet ready.

We tried to do a head count, but it's difficult because people are always moving around. We think there were maybe 45 guests on board, and I think I read somewhere that the maximum is 60, but I might be wrong.

Lunch was ready about 11:45am...

Lunch buffet.

The food was great! Our special meal was vegetable rice with fried chicken and veggies. The buffet was lasagna, fried chicken (coated), rice, and rolls and salad. 

Then, you have about an hour and a half of free time... just socializing, having some drinks, listening to the music, or playing in the water. Lots of people diving off the edge of the boat, using the slides, or simply floating in the warm water with their drinks.

They build a "pool" of sorts off the back of the boat using pool noodles...

Ruth, going down one of the two slides!

"Yeah, can you hand me my drink please?"

They even bring you drinks in the water!
Now that's what you call a swim-up bar!

Captain Richard. 

Captain Richard is a Barbados native who knows the waters around here like the back of his hand. He's been the Jammin's captain for about two years now. What a fun job he has!

By this time, the party was in full swing. Here, I took a short video for you. Turn up your volume...

Fun times on the Jammin' Catamaran

And that's the way it went until we made it back into port around 2:30pm. 

What a fun time we had! Highly recommend the Jammin' Catamaran Cruise to anyone visiting Barbados. We had checked the tripadvisor reviews in advance and almost everybody gives it five stars. In fact, we have a hard time thinking of anything negative about the whole experience.

Price is $180 BBD ($118 CAD, $90 USD) for the five hour cruise. Considering this includes the boat ride itself, two snorkeling excursions, good food, and all you can drink... we actually think it's pretty good value for a very fun Barbados experience!

Thanks to Roger and Krista who met us at reception, Captain Richard, and crew members Keon, Rinaldo, Gavin, Chris, and Chimar who made sure everybody was happy and having a great time!


  1. Booze and boobs! That's what "snorkelling" catamaran cruises are all about!

  2. Love those snorkelling cruises we did a couple before we went full-time and had a ball.

    1. We have done a couple of snorkeling cruises years ago as well but this was by far the best one that we have done.

  3. Wow, that is a fun filled few hours. Great value for the money.

    1. Yep, it sure was! And, yes it was good value for the money especially when you consider what prices are like just for a lunch meal here, plus you get the snorkeling, boat ride, drinks and music added in. Lots of great memories to boot! :-)

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you! Finally after two years this camera got it's first real underwater workout. :-)

  5. I love snorkelling, you guys saw some really nice fish and turtle lol

    1. Have to say that we have snorkeled in other waters where we saw a lot more different fish but we still saw lots of beautiful coloured ones here. The turtle was amazing to see, it would have been better to have seen more but you can't control the wildlife.

  6. You will hear that Caribbean music playing in your head long after you are back home. They do know how to get the party going.

    1. I am sure that we will, at least until we get down to Mexico! ;-)

      They sure do, they have been doing this long enough now that they have it down pat.

  7. Hope you got your money's worth in RUM

  8. Nice swim trunks there Kevin, you must have been competing with all the colorful fish! :cD

    1. He was just trying to blend it with them! :-)

  9. Looks like awesome time with awesome crew. Glad you guys got chance to have blast experiencing & enjoying the beautiful water! Fish pics pretty - great photography work Ruth :)

    1. We had a fantastic time and yes, the crew did a great job making sure everyone was well looked after, happy and also entertaining us.

      The snorkeling was the best part of it and seeing the sea turtle was amazing.

  10. Looks fun. I went snorkeling for my first time in Cancun. Loved it even tho I'm not a good swimmer. I got separated from the group but the captain spotted me just as I spotted the boats. A swimmer came up behind me and towed me in. It was a jumping off boat so that meant I had to gain momentum to hop up onto the boat...took a couple of tries but I was on with help of other swim mates. I thought I'd panic and it did hit me I was in wide open waters but that's the last of my anxiety....beginner's luck haha

    1. Lucky you had people there keeping an eye on you and giving you a helping hand when you needed it. So glad that you enjoyed your experience. They were also very good on our cruise to make sure that the group was together when we moved from one area to another and really made sure to help those that were struggling a little, especially at the beginning because there were a few that had never snorkeled before or weren't strong swimmers like yourself.

  11. Looks like a beautiful catamaran with all the bells and whistles. Just love the slides to splash you down into the water. As I get older, Mother Nature has a way of decreasing the strength in my arms and knees and eventually couldn't pull myself up and over the sides of the boat; does this catamaran provide steps or a ladder to easily re-board the vessel after you've been for a swim?

    1. It was a beautiful catamaran and they keep it spotless. The slides were fun, out of all the other catamarans that we have since being here, this is the only one with them. Yes, there are steps to step down into the water with or to step out of the water with and if you were having a problem getting out and onto the first step they were there to help you out.

  12. What a treat to hear one of our favourite Arrow songs. Whenever we hear his music we immediately think of the Caribbean. So glad you got to enjoy it along with the cruise and snorkelling. :)

    1. Whenever you hear any music with a beat like that, it is hard not to think of the Caribbean! :-) We had a fantastic time listening to the music and the snorkeling was amazing, especially being able to see the sea turtle.

  13. Oh what fun we must do this someday! Great pics underwater!

    1. Highly recommend a trip like this! It was a lot of fun.

      It was the first time that we really used this small camera for underwater pictures in the full two years of having it and we were fairly happy with the results, thanks. :-)


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