View from the top of Old Man of Coniston hike in Lake District National Park, England.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Preston, Lancashire, England.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Wyke, West Yorkshire, England on May 29th!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Hiking in the forest and found an old plane crash...

Finally got out for some exercise yesterday. The forecast keeps teasing us by saying the sun is going to shine, but it wasn't very accurate yesterday. Still, Barry graciously offered his pickup truck to us to go back up into the mountains and do a hike, and we're glad we did.

It felt great to get out and get some fresh air!

Temperature never got above 4C (40F), and we even had a few snowflakes as we climbed the Fire Tower Trail.

Starting out on Swift Run Trail.

Lots of fern and fungus.

Doesn't look like a trail, but it was actually easy to follow.

Lots of trees down up here!

Heading up hill.

Where's the fire tower??

When we got to the fire tower, it wasn't there any more! We were hoping we would be able to get up there for a view, but all that remained was four concrete slabs.

We went down the other side of the mountain and back along to the picnic area where we had left the truck. Along the way, we came across this...

James Zacharaes 1948-1980.

I did some research when I got home. Very little reference online, but apparently this 32 year old lost his life in a single engine plane crash back in 1980. Barry and Connie have been living here there whole lives, and Barry says he vaguely remembers something about a plane crash on the mountain a long time ago.

There are still parts of the airplane lying there.

Pretty waterfall.

In Bald Eagle State Forest.

Locust Ridge Vista

We did about 4.5 miles (6 kms). Not long, but we were out for about two hours. Went back to the house and watched some of the last Nascar race of the season.

Barry is an avid hunter, and so they have lots of venison in the freezer. Ruth was going to make a spaghetti sauce, but changed her mind to chili at the last minute. We didn't know how it was going to turn out with ground venison, but boy was it ever good. Probably the best chili I've ever had. We all agreed!

After dinner, we enjoyed hearing stories from Barry's racing days. He was a well known sprint car driver in these parts and if any of you followed the circuit back in the 1970's and 1980's up and down the east coast race tracks you would recognize the name Barry Camp.

Barry Camp and trophies from many races!

I noticed an unopened can of Billy Beer on the shelf!

Another great day staying with Connie and Barry. But, as a good friend of ours says... "House guests are like fish... after three days they start to smell". Too funny. 

So we're outta here this morning and heading south to an abandoned highway tunnel. One of Pennsylvania's odd attractions...

Have you heard of Sous Vide cooking? Here is your chance to try it out!

And in Canada...


  1. You had a nice visit there and the to head on down the road.
    We have venison many times and cooked the right way it is awesome.

    1. We had a wonderful visit but yes, we are looking forward to new scenery and new adventures ahead.

      You couldn't even tell that venison was in that chili, it was delicious even if I say so myself. ;-)

  2. Looks like good hiking country and hasn't been beaten down by a lot of tourist feet.

    Creigh has peaked my interest in Marietta, Ohio; I knew I had heard that name before. Somewhere in the Marietta vicinity are some large complex mounds which have been dated before western Europeans crossed the Appalachians. At first, it was assumed they were burial mounds of Native American Indians, but that now has been discounted. To this day, no experts have been able to fill that gap as to where they came from; it is speculated that another civilization existed there before the Native American Indian. We may never know as so many of the mounds have been destroyed since the European migration. If you and Ruth are out hiking, you might keep an eye out for one. I'm sure the information center in Marietta might be able to tell you a particular location. Mexico seems to protect and preserve their ancient past better than the US does.

    1. It is a great hiking area. Not sure how busy it is in the summertime though, I would expect that it is popular enough.

      We will have so see where these mounds are located, they might be interesting to see.

  3. Actually, the word is stink not smell. It has a much stronger effect hence the saying. hehehehe :)

    1. Whichever it is, we didn't want to over stay our welcome! ;-)

    2. Ahhh, thanks Connie and Barry! You were wonderful hosts and we really had a ball with you both.

  4. What a great hike! Love the pics. Venison can be very good, although I prefer venison burger to a roast or steak. It's more versatile. Nice to visit but nice to get on the road again too.

    1. It was a beautiful hike, especially along side the creek because of all the moss and ferns. It must be fantastic there in the summer when all the leaves are out.

      I agree, I think we would prefer the ground venison to a roast or a steak. I think it is the first time since being in Africa that we have had game meat, and we certainly had some different kinds there. Some were stronger tasting than others.

  5. Yes, Ruth’s venison chili was the best - DELISH!! We are missing you already!! What an enjoyable weekend we had - lots of yacking, laughing, and fun. You are like family!!!! We’ll be following along as you head down the travels. xoxo

    1. Thank you so much Connie and Barry! It was the least we could do for you and Barry and I am so glad that I was able to make a couple of meals that Barry was able to eat/swallow and enjoy because of his new implant. We sure had a great time with you both and yes, we did do a lot of talking and laughing. :-)

      Have a good time in Florida this next week.

    2. Guess what - our flight is delayed until tonight - now we know how you felt on the first travel day!!

    3. Awww...that's not fair! :-( Hope you made it there fine otherwise.

  6. What a gorgeous place to hike! I just love woods with moss and waterfalls. And no other people! :-)

    1. It was a gorgeous place to hike. Not only is there lots of moss, ferns and streams but there were also a ton of wild rhododendron bushes that would look amazing when they are in bloom. Ye, no other people around was a bonus! :-)

  7. Welcome to sue happy USA, where everyone gets sued at some point in their lives. Damn lawyers wrecked everything

    1. Yep, that is for sure but Canada isn't really that far behind!


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