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Sunday, December 11, 2016

A country drive in Transnistria

Transistria is actually a fairly long country, at about 200 kms (120 miles) from north to south. But it's only a few kms wide.

Most people who visit only see the city of Tiraspol. But we are not most people, so yesterday morning we hopped in the rental car and went for a drive.

We started in Tiraspol and drove north as far as Goian.

Tiraspol to Goian.

Of course Transnistria doesn't show up on google maps. Why not? Because the country of Transnistria doesn't really exist!

But the route above shows the approximate length of the country. The border on the right is Ukraine, and the border on the left is mostly the Dniester River, which is very close to where the blue highway line is.

We didn't make it as far  north in Transnistria as we would have liked to. But, we made it to a beautiful view, and then we turned around.

Heading north from Tiraspol.

Hardly any traffic. 

Here as well as in Moldova, they have planted trees on both sides of almost all highways. I bet it's really pretty in the summer. Kinda drab and dreary at this time of year.

Typical village.

So we're driving along, and all of a sudden out of nowhere there's a big old Soviet tank on a hill. We stopped at this monument beside the highway (in the middle of flat farm country) just to see.

Some kind of WWII monument. At the base of the hill there were some gravestones with dates on them. Whoever it was, they all died in 1944. Perhaps there was some kind of battle at this location.

How did they get it up here?

Can anybody read Russian?

Someone did get back to me on this. Apparently it says something like "To those who lost lives for saving the soviet union and whole world from the fascists -you will never be forgotten by today and future generations"

We carried on until just before the town of Goian. There, I saw a sign pointing to a picnic table, and it looked like there might be a trail. I used the camera translate option on the iPhone, and sure enough the sign says "Recreation Area".

Our rental car and the sign.

We hiked up the hill to this beautiful view.

And a little further up to this beautiful view. On the far side of the river is Moldova.

We walked back down the hill and sat at an old rustic table to have our lunch. It wasn't long before one of the local dogs smelled the possibility of a treat.

Our new friend.

She sure was a friendly thing, but she had no table manners at all. She sure did enjoy the salami and cheese that we gave her.

Uneventful drive back to Tiraspol. There is a fortress in the nearby town of Bender and we went over to have a look, but they wanted $5 each to get in and it was getting late in the day so we took a pass on it.

Today, we're heading back even further north. But first, we have to cross back in to Moldova. That should be interesting because I've read that the border guards can be a little crooked. I guess we'll see...

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And in Canada...


  1. It's nice to make new friends, she looks like a loyal pup.

    1. It sure is! I bet she would be a great dog to have.

  2. Very interesting adventure! Picnic table is very unique as well! Hope you have another great trip today!

    1. Yes, it has been interesting trip so far and very educational as well.

  3. Enjoying following your trip. I am just a few shades green. I didn't know about goggle translate, but I have it now. thanks

    1. Glad to hear that you are enjoying our trip. We really love using our camera and google translate for things like signs that we aren't sure of and especially for restaurant menus when there is no English. It is very helpful for us because we may know words for chicken and pork etc. but wouldn't know if they are breaded or with a sauce that may contain wheat/flour. It takes a bit of the guess work out of the equation.

  4. Wow, historically and geographically, that was VERY interesting!! I had to research more about this country. It does seem to give credence to Putin's claim that people in that area do WANT him ? And of course, we in the U.S. are just talking all the time about Russian right now. Thanks for such interesting posts.

    1. Yes, it have been a very interesting visit. Yes, many people here do want the pro Russian guy as their leader. Moldova also had an election a few weeks ago and they also voted for the pro Russian guy to be their leader. I know people in Canada or the USA may find this hard to understand but for them, they feel this is their best choice.

  5. And I see that they held presidential elections today - you were there at an auspicious time!

    1. Yes, they were indeed having their election yesterday but we left in the morning so it wouldn't have affected us in anyway, not that we thought there would be and problems.

  6. About Transnistria:


    1. Thank you for the link Yonit! We knew that there a lot of Jewish people both in Romania and Moldova but never knew that they were gathered up and put into Transnistria. WWII was not a good thing for them in many places in Europe. :-(


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